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Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: May 2024 and Year-End Recognitions

Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: May 2024 and Year-End Recognitions

We are thrilled to congratulate Marshall’s exceptional faculty recognized for recently accepted and published research, 2023–2024 awards, and other accolades.

For a complete list of Golden Apple and Golden Compass Awards, voted on by students, please visit HERE.

For a complete list of Faculty and Staff Awards, please visit HERE.


Data Sciences & Operations

JACOB BIEN was named a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). He received the prestigious honor for methodological contributions to the field of statistics that emphasize interpretability, computational efficiency, and relevance to scientific disciplines. He also has a paper forthcoming in the Journal of the American Statistical Association titled, “Generalized Data Thinning Using Sufficient Statistics.”

JACOB BIEN (panelist) and GOURAB MUKHERJEE (moderator) will participate in a panel discussion on “Generative AI in Statistics and Data Science Classrooms” organized by the American Statistical Association Section for Statistics and Data Science Education; Bien will share their experience using Gen AI in GSBA 524: Managerial Statistics, an MBA class they co-taught in Fall 2023.

RICHARD CHASE received the 2024 Best Paper Award from California Management Review for his article, “Optimizing Customer Involvement: How Close Should You Be to Your Customers?”

DAS DASGUPTA accepted a new role as Chief Data Analytics Officer (CDAO) at Starbucks and will continue teaching for Marshall.

ANDREW DAW has a paper forthcoming in Operations Research titled, “Establishing Convergence of Infinite-Server Queues with Batch Arrivals to Shot-Noise Processes.”

YINGYING FAN will deliver a keynote lecture at the 2024 International Symposium of Quantitative Economics, held in Shanghai this July.

ADEL JAVANMARD has two papers forthcoming at conferences: “PriorBoost: An Adaptive Algorithm for Learning from Aggregate Responses” was accepted at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2024, and “Optimistic Rates for Learning from Label Proportions” was accepted by the Conference on Learning Theory (COLT) 2024.

MLADEN KOLAR has a paper accepted by the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) titled, “Pessimism Meets Risk: Risk-Sensitive Offline Reinforcement Learning.”

GOURAB MUKHERJEE was named one of Poets & Quants’ Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors in 2024.

MATTEO SESIA and YANFEI ZHOU, PhD have a paper accepted by the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), co-authored with Lars Lindemann from the USC Department of Computer Science, titled “Conformalized Adaptive Forecasting of Heterogeneous Trajectories.”

SOMYA SINGHVI was named a recipient of the 2023 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM) Meritorious Service Award, recognizing a reviewer's outstanding service provided to support the journal’s scholarly mission.

ANGELA ZHOU received the inaugural Marshall Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) mini grant on Teaching Innovation.

Finance & Business Economics

DAVID HIRSHLEIFER has a paper forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Literature titled, “Information Cascades and Social Learning;” Information cascades is an area he pioneered. He is also an invited seminar speaker organized by the Finance, Economics and Banking Research Network (FEB-RN) and the Financial Management Association. 

GERARD HOBERG has been appointed as the Director of the Institute for Outlier Research in Business (iORB).

KRISTY JANSEN led her session presentation of “Which Exchange Rate Matters to Global Investors?” this month during the Federal Reserve Board’s 3rd annual conference on the International Roles of the U.S. Dollar. Her award-winning paper, “Long-term Investors, Demand Shifts, and Yields,” will appear in the Review of Financial Studies.

ERICA JIANG has two papers forthcoming: “Monetary Tightening and U.S. Bank Fragility in 2023: Mark-to-Market Losses and Uninsured Depositor Runs?” will appear in the Journal of Financial Economics, and “The Impact of Minority Representation at Mortgage Lenders” will appear in the Journal of Finance.

Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

STEVEN MEDNICK had a case study published in Harvard Business Publishing titled, “Stepping in it: Startup Founders Navigate Hidden Legal Pitfalls.”

AUDRA QUINN was elected to serve for the Academy of Management’s Entrepreneurship Division as a Representative at Large.

DAN WADHWANI was awarded an inaugural USC Student Empowerment Award, through the Office of Research and Innovation, for a project titled, “Momentum: Building Financial Freedom for NCAA Athletes.”

Leventhal School of Accounting

GREG KLING was named a Diamond Teaching Award recipient (MBT Elective).

DANIEL O’LEARY was named a Qlik Academic Program Educator Ambassador.

MIKE PARANAL was named a Diamond Teaching Award recipient (MBT Core).

HERB PERLMUTTER was named a Diamond Teaching Award recipient (MAcc Elective).

LORI L. SMITH was named a Diamond Teaching Award recipient (MAcc Core).

LORIEN STICE-LAWRENCE was recognized with the “2023 Excellence in Refereeing” award by the Journal of Accounting Research as one of the top research review referees for the previous calendar year.

Management & Organization

MELODY CHANG presented her research findings titled, “Women and Minority-Owned Businesses in Regulation Crowdfunding” at this month’s Securities and Exchange Commission’s Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee meeting.

DANIEL FEHDER, FLORENTA TEODORIDIS, JINO LU, PhD, and JOE RAFFIEE have a paper accepted for publication in Research Policy titled, “The Partisanship of American Inventors.”

PEER FISS and co-author have a paper forthcoming in Social Science Research titled, “A Set-Analytic Approach to Intersectionality.”

NAN JIA, with co-authors, has a paper forthcoming in the Academy of Management Review titled, “‘Bootlegger and Baptist’ Coalitions in Corporate Constituency Building.”


KRISTEN SCHIELE was an invited speaker at ProfCon 2024 in Utah speaking on “Navigating UX Education: Balancing Theory, Practice, and Innovation.”

D. DANIEL SOKOL received the Best Antitrust Academic Article (General Antitrust Category) for his paper, “Towards a Technological Overhaul of American Antitrust” by Concurrences/George Washington University School of Law.

YANHAO (MAX) WEI was recently appointed to the Editorial Review Board of Marketing Science, the premier scientific journal focusing on empirical and theoretical quantitative research in marketing.