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Faculty: Finance and Business Economics

Finance and Business Economics: Faculty and Research

Faculty and students in the Finance and Business Economics Department examine economic decision-making and the role of markets in the allocation of real and financial resources. A student or researcher in finance and economics studies both the normative (what should one do) and the positive (what do we actually do), with the goals of understanding and improving the circumstances of both society and the individual.

Finance and economics are extremely broad fields and include both the theoretical and the practical. Our faculty researches topics ranging from boom and bust economic cycles, gender representation in business, the impact of social connections on markets, parenting, venture capital, racial discrimination, shadow banking, high frequency trading, and pollution.

We invite you to explore our talented and multi-faceted faculty and to see how the perspectives gained from economic and financial analysis extend across all aspects of society.

— Christopher Jones, Department Chair and Professor of Finance and Business Economics

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