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Why Marshall


Over its 100-year history, Marshall has forged deep ties with dynamic companies and business leaders, not only in southern California, but across the country and all around the world, creating unlimited opportunities for its students across a broad range of industries.

USC Marshall integrates its core curriculum with a spectrum of hands-on learning opportunities so that our students can take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to the real world, in real time. In the process, they learn more about themselves, the dynamics of teams, and the broader societal context in which business operates.

Real World — Right Now

Doing Business in the Heart of Los Angeles

Ignite your career opportunities with Marshall’s prestigious four-year undergraduate business program. Enjoy the many cultural and lifestyle advantages of living in beautiful, sunny L.A.


The pace of technological change, globalization, and heightened stakeholder expectations have vastly expanded the business world’s definition of leadership. Through our innovative teaching practices and educational programs, we train 21st century business leaders to take full advantage of the endless opportunities made possible by technological progress while also managing its far-reaching social consequences.

To embrace the broader implications of innovation, we must imbue future business leaders with a deep appreciation of their ethical responsibilities, the great value of inclusion throughout society, and the ever-expanding societal responsibilities of business.

  • "You have to be able to hear every voice."
    Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

    "You have to be able to hear every voice."

    Sarah Townsend, Interim Assistant Vice Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Associate Professor, Management and Organization shares that “Talk of diversity tends to focus on numbers. You don't lead numbers, you lead people.”

    “There is good research to show that if you do this right, if you diversify at all levels across the organizations, if you establish a culture that is truly inclusive of everyone’s perspective, where everyone feels a psychological safety and sense of belonging, that you do get more collective intelligence. You do get more people coming together. Everyone puts their two cents in, and what you get out of it is more creativity, better critical thinking. All these things are true and can translate into positive impacts on the bottom line.”

    — Sarah Townsend, Associate Professor of Management and Organization

Teaching + Innovation

Undergraduate Innovation

"Our faculty are constantly innovating and building curriculum to enable students to succeed in the dynamic and fluid world of today and tomorrow."
— Vice Dean Ramandeep Randhawa


Marshall has made extraordinary investments to be at the forefront of educating future business leaders to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunities made possible by technological change, while also responding to the far-reaching societal change innovation often generates.

From blockchain and digital finance to self-driving vehicles and personalized medicine, Marshall has created cutting edge courses to equip both undergraduate and graduate students with the advanced technical skills needed to harness the power of this innovation to improve the quality of life of people all around the globe.

Technical Fluency

Business Leaders Must Understand That Along With Great Technical Innovation Comes Profound Responsibility

“Marshall is a business school that’s very hungry. There’s a drive to do big things. And this is both interdisciplinary across the university or trying to make a big impact in the world. For someone working in data science, this is a place where we really appreciate the role of data and AI in business and in society.” — Vishal Gupta, Associate Professor of Data Sciences and Operations


The Marshall Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strives to ensure a vibrant and welcoming educational and professional environment, where each member of the Marshall community is authentically and holistically seen, valued, affirmed, and empowered to achieve to their fullest potential.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Reaching Gender Parity

For the first time, the USC Marshall School of Business undergraduate business administration degree program has reached gender parity in its first-year class. This incoming Class of 2025 is comprised of 52% women as of the first day of classes.


Located in one of the world’s leading business centers and the gateway to the Pacific Rim,USC is among the very best, most global universities in the U.S.and no part of USC is more global than Marshall.Our diverse and international community creates an exciting atmosphere of learning and discourse. Marshall has made considerable investments in programs, centers, research, experiences, and intellectual capital to broaden student perspectives and career pathways.

Global Insight

Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute

The USC Marshall Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute (Kendrick GSCI) exists to help predict, mitigate, and alleviate supply chain disruptions and risks. We are capitalizing upon our global network, industry experience, and renowned faculty, through Network, Education, and Advanced Research (NEAR).


Faculty and students outline the numerous ways USC Leventhal pushes accounting programs beyond mere numbers, highlighting the schools' efforts in sustainability and other methods of giving back.