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MBA Programs

  • MBA Programs

    MBA Programs

    USC Marshall has a world-class faculty of leading scholarly researchers and noted practitioners, all of whom make it their business to help you attain your goals. Whether it’s helping you get your head around big data or making that critical professional introduction, USC Marshall’s faculty play a key role in your MBA transformation.

MBA Program Overview 

Leigh Tost, Vice Dean for MBA Programs and Associate Professor of Management and Organizationshares how cutting-edge curricula in each of our MBA programs trains students on business fundamentals, and empowers them to leverage technology for business and social impact.

  • Full-Time MBA (FTMBA)

    Our Full-Time MBA is a two-year on-campus program. Ranked as a Top MBA program and STEM Certified. Learn More!



Revolutionizing the Rails

Alex Peiffer’s MBA ’20 startup aims to revolutionize logistics with an autonomous, zero-emissions rail car.

As a kid in Fostoria, a rail town in Northwest Ohio, Alex Peiffer MBA ’20 never could have guessed he’d find himself on the cutting edge of railway technology and logistics decades later.

But today he is the co-founder and COO of a startup that is developing an autonomous electric rail car.

While he was an MBA student at USC Marshall, Peiffer and his co-founders, Tim Luchini and Corey Vasel, formerly of Boeing, came up with the idea of Intramotev—which launched in 2020. At a time when supply chain snarls are top news and zero emissions an environmental priority, Intramotev is on track to revolutionize the nation’s vast railway system.


USC Marshall has 40 graduate student organizations. Ranging from community outreach, diversity and affinity groups, career clubs, and social and athletic organizations, students are able to expand their network to other USC Marshall MBA graduate programs and corporate contacts. Club activities take place during the day, evenings and weekends, and can include networking opportunities, social events and company visits.