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  • Recruiting Trojans

    Recruiting Trojans

    We can help you build a recruiting strategy that enhances your organization’s visibility, highlights your employment opportunities and gives you access to exceptional talent. This personalized engagement by the undergraduate and graduate career services teams allows you to meet students and generate interest about your employment opportunities even before the interview process begins.

    We provide access to resources and information to help guide the student through the career exploration and search process. Our employer and relationship managers take a high-touch, holistic approach to account management, partnering with companies every step of the way to build and strengthen relationships with our corporate partners.


Whether you are a new or longtime recruiting partner, we appreciate your interest in USC Marshall and USC Leventhal undergraduate students.

Employers know they can expect exceptional results when they hire our students. In addition to the theoretical knowledge accumulated through our rigorous curriculum, students have critical hands-on experience thanks to invaluable internship opportunities at organizations ranging from small start-ups to major national and international organizations. Students hone their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills through involvement in Marshall student organizations and participation in case competitions and are armed with the leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape. All Marshall business degree are STEM designated.

  • Handshake @ USC Marshall

    USC Marshall Undergraduate School of Business is excited to continue our partnership with HANDSHAKE, a state-of-the-art platform for college recruiting. Handshake provides employers better access to the talented students we serve; and Marshall undergraduate business students utilize Handshake as their primary career platform. You will be able to not only post job opportunities directly to students but also view applicants, search, and communicate with students directly, sign up for career fairs and more. All, at no cost. 

Key 2024 Recruiting Dates

Jan 8: Spring Semester Begins
Jan 17 - April 19: USC OCR*
Feb 8: USC Career Fair* (IP)
Feb 13: Marshall and Leventhal Career Fair (V)
Late Jan - Feb: Explore Careers (IP or V)
Feb-March: Industry Insights (V)
Mar 10-17: Spring Recess
April 24: Marshall and Leventhal Just In Time Career Fair (V)
May 10: Commencement

Graduate Recruiting

Our mission is to equip USC Marshall Graduate candidates with the skills, knowledge and resources that inspire confidence to achieve career success. We build long-term relationships with employers to connect them with the talent needed to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Our personalized approach to career education and preparedness requires ongoing student engagement. You will gain valuable insights and advice from the career services team to better understand the required skills and competencies to succeed on the job from day one.

  • 12Twenty Recruiting Platform

    Our easy-to-use web portal extends your company’s presence across campus and beyond, allowing you to post jobs, identify the right candidates for your opportunities and set up interviews and on-campus recruiting events.