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Department: Leventhal

  • Leventhal School of Accounting

    Leventhal School of Accounting

    Our people make us, the Leventhal School of Accounting, an innovator in the areas of accounting education and research. Our faculty design programs for a rigorous educational environment at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral program levels. We are committed to creating knowledge and sharing it through leading publications and symposia.

    Leventhal provides a state-of-the-art education in a vibrant urban setting with close ties to the accounting and business communities, in a Pacific Rim location that supports an international focus, and continues a long-standing tradition of excellence in accounting.

    As part of Marshall School of Business, Leventhal benefits from resources of a large business school while enjoying a tightly knit community within our own school.

Academic Programs

USC Leventhal’s programs are widely recognized in the top tier of accounting education worldwide. In fact, Leventhal is the only private university accounting program to be consistently recognized as excellent in all facets of accounting education. Our undergraduate program is ranked 4th by U.S. News & World Report and 7th by Public Accounting Report. Public Accounting Report also ranks our Master of Accounting program fourth and Ph.D. program 10th.


Faculty and students outline the numerous ways USC Leventhal pushes accounting programs beyond mere numbers, highlighting the schools' efforts in sustainability and other methods of giving back.





The Leventhal School of Accounting recognizes the importance of involvement in student organizations to build leadership, encourage teamwork, and enhance networking skills. Through participation in our student-led organizations, student have access to potential employers, faculty, alumni, and peers who provide valuable guidance in areas such as academic coursework and professional development.


Below is a selection of current courses taught by the department. For a complete listing of current courses please see the USC SCHEDULE OF CLASSES.

  • ACCT-370
    External Financial Reporting Issues
    Understanding of decision-making, problem solving, and research skills as a supplement to financial accounting knowledge for accounting professionals.
  • ACCT-371
    Introduction to Accounting Systems
    Understanding of technology and controls needed to capture data used by professionals in financial and managerial accounting, auditing and taxation.
  • ACCT-377
    Valuation for Financial Statement Purposes
    Explores Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 820 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures and reviews the historical background of US GAAP fair value guidance. Prerequisite: ACCT 370.


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    Leventhal School of Accounting
    ACC 101, mc 0441
    3660 Trousdale Parkway
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0441

    Phone: 213-740-4838
    Fax: 213-747-2815


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