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Faculty: Leventhal

Leventhal School of Accounting: Faculty and Research

Welcome to the Elaine and Kenneth Leventhal School of Accounting Faculty Page.

Accounting has long been referred to as the “language of business” and it continues to serve that vital role for our global society. Our profession has, for centuries, been at the forefront of providing decision makers with essential relevant and reliable information as a basis for a wide range of resource allocation activitiesHistorically, accounting measures of financial performance have served society well and now our profession has embarked on developing and reporting performance information for a host of other activities including ESG (environmental, social and governance) data.

As part of providing state-of-the-art comprehensive accounting education, our school provides excellence in each of the major domains of accountancy:financial reporting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation and technology systems and controls.

Our faculty conduct impactful research in each of these domainsproviding information that is of great relevance to the continued progress of our society in an increasingly complex and interrelated world. We do so by pushing the boundaries of knowledge and by enhancing our understanding of the manner in which decision making takes place.The resulting research contributions inform those who rely on accounting information, including current and prospective investors, creditors, and regulatory, policy and standard setting organizations. 

I invite you to learn more about our individual faculty members and to explore their research and tremendous academic and professional achievements on this page and their linked individual sections below.

— Bill Holder, Dean and Alan Casden Dean’s Chair of Accountancy


Part-Time + Adjunct



The Leventhal School is home to many of the leading accounting scholars in the country. They conduct rigorous and relevant research that moves the discipline forward.


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