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Business of Sustainability


Sustainability is arguably the greatest challenge facing humanity today. All business stakeholders -- employees and customers as well as shareholders, not-for-profit watchdogs as well as governments – are holding leaders ever more accountable for their organization’s impact on the climate, the environment and humanity. Instead of being seen as part of the problem, private sector innovation is increasingly viewed as the key to rising to the sustainability challenge, attracting both capital and talent to exciting new business opportunities.

At Marshall, our students are more mission-driven and purpose-oriented than ever before and our faculty are increasingly focusing their teaching and research efforts on sustainability, from social entrepreneurship to ethical leadership, from the transition to renewable energy to ESG accounting. The school is well-placed to help develop the next generation of business leaders who can help ensure a long and bright future for everyone and everything on our planet.

Business of Sustainability

"Identifying scalable solutions and deploying them successfully is not at all easy. Students have to grapple with highly unstructured problems in new contexts and cultures."

— Sriram Dasu, Professor of Data Sciences and Operations

"What makes this field of study even more unique at USC is that we have a university-wide sustainability initiative which keeps sustainability on the top of mind for all of us. Every student, staff and faculty at USC has an opportunity to make a big impact."

— Smrity Randhawa

Assistant Dean Leventhal Undergraduate Programs

Associate Professor of Clinical Accounting

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    USC Sustainability Course Finder

    United Nations Member States developed the 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) IN 2015. The 17 SDGs are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. To help students who want to engage in addressing these challenges, the USC SUSTAINABILITY COURSE FINDER illustrates a mapping between some USC and Marshall courses and SDGs.