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Dan Wadhwani

  • Jill Brooks-Garnett Teaching Chair in Entrepreneurship
  • Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship

Dan's research and teaching examines how entrepreneurial processes drive socio-economic change. He has published in leading journals in management (AMJ, SMJ, SEJ, JMS) and business history (BHR, BH, E&S), and is co-editor of Organizations in Time: History, Theory, Methods (Oxford University Press, 2014). Dan is former chair of the AoM Management History Division and currently president-elect of the Business History Conference, the leading business history association in North America. He has received research and teaching awards, most recently the Williamson Prize which is awarded every 2-3 years to a mid-career scholar "who has made significant contributions to business history."

Dan Wadhwani

Areas of Expertise

Socio-Economic Growth


Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies


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