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VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

  • VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

    VanEck Digital Assets Initiative

    The VanEck Digital Assets Initiative at USC’s Marshall School of Business is a hub for education, research, industry partnerships, academia-meets-industry events, and promoting the ecosystem of digital assets, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse.

    Leveraging the expertise and passion across USC for this rapidly developing sector, the VanEck Digital Assets Initiative enables:

    • The creation of cutting-edge courses in cryptocurrencies, NFTS, smart contract platforms and other digital assets for both undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Uniting academic experts and industry leaders to explore, analyze and begin to define the theory and practice of digital asset markets and technologies.
    • Attracting and educating student entrepreneurs to leverage digital asset opportunities while appreciating the market risks and regulatory controls affecting the sector.
    • Understanding the Metaverse and how immersive 3D worlds, social interactivity and persistent economies will impact various business sections and entrepreneurship.


The VanEck Digital Assets Initiative supports the development of a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that equips undergraduate and graduate students to engage with the fast-evolving landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology.

“Blockchain is a transformational technology that will have seismic implications on the global economy. The VanEck Digital Assets Initiative will provide our students with the education, skill sets, and support network to lead this paradigm shift.”

— James Healy, Adjunct Professor of Blockchain and FinTech, VanEck Digital Assets Initiative


  • Blockchain@USC


    Established in 2018, Blockchain@USC is a student-run organization promoting blockchain related education through workshops, speakers series, conferences, events, research, and industry networking. Currently, Blockchain@USC has a growing community of more than 800 members from a wide range of experiences and interests in blockchain.