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Faculty: Management and Organization

Management and Organization: Faculty and Research

Welcome to the MOR Faculty and Research webpage.

As society faces unprecedented change in multiple areas, it is more important than ever that we have strong leaders that understand how to think strategically. Management encompasses key aspects of strategy and leadership that help firms thrive despite the level of change in the environment. Being able to align the organization with its dynamic environment is the ultimate goal of strategic leaders.

In the MOR department at Marshall, you will find a range of insights from scholars examining issues at the individual, team, organization, industry and national levels of analysis. Our faculty examine issues related to many areas within the broader areas of organizational behavior, organization theory and strategy. Research from faculty in MOR is focused on solving important business problems and may incorporate theories from economics, political science, psychology and/or sociology in addressing those problems.

Our faculty seek to better understand the behavior of people and organizations, with an eye towards understanding why some firms (and people) are more successful than others. We also seek to address important questions such as how individuals and organizations can create more inclusive environments where everyone can thrive as well as how firms can deal with external issues such as rapid technological innovation, climate change, a rapidly evolving political and regulatory landscape, demographic shifts and other changes.

You can learn more about our faculty, their research, and their outstanding scholarly achievements on this page and their linked personal websites below.

— Kyle Mayer, Department Chair and Professor of Management and Organization

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