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Faculty: Marketing

Marketing: Faculty and Research

The ability to understand consumer needs and to design products and services around these needs is critical for success. Peter Drucker famously said that “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Our marketing faculty are focused on creating and disseminating knowledge that goes to the heart of this process and span all critical aspects of marketing in research and practice.

Some of our faculty study consumer behavior by mapping the customer journey from the search for product information to how experiences are encoded to disentangling the psychological underpinnings of consumer preferences. They use methodologies such as lab and field experiments and econometric and machine learning techniques to analyze different kinds of data to understand consumers’ social interactions, and response to different pricing, advertising, and messaging strategies. This research generates not only important insights into different marketing phenomena, but also implications for product innovation, loyalty programs, and marketplace performance.

Our clinical and adjunct faculty bring advanced degrees and a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. They provide a means by which cutting-edge marketing practice is effectively transmitted to our students in areas such as UX, gaming, and AI. They operate on the cutting-edge of our discipline and communicate their exciting insights inside and outside the classroom.

We welcome students and scholars from everywhere to further our knowledge of this amazingly rich and important area of business. We invite you to learn more about our faculty by exploring the content on this page and the linked profiles below.

— S. Siddarth, Department Chair and Professor of Marketing

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The marketing faculty in USC Marshall is dedicated to discovering new knowledge for our discipline through rigorous peer-reviewed research. We publish academic articles that yield meaningful implications for managerial practice, public policy, and scientific discovery. Members of our faculty are sought-out thought leaders in every arena of marketing and hold prestigious editorial positions at the field’s leading journals.


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