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Faculty: Data Sciences and Operations

Data Sciences and Operations: Faculty and Research

Welcome to the DSO Faculty and Research webpage!

Our society faces wicked problems – global pandemic, climate change, extreme wealth inequity, and a ubiquity of opaque artificial intelligence algorithms that unintentionally increase ideological polarization and institutionalize discrimination. As we collectively search for solutions, emerging fields such as sustainable & smart supply chains, big-data learning inference, and evidence-driven public policy offer a path forward.

The DSO department at USC Marshall is a unique, vibrant place where one can find world experts, of national and international distinctions, in different areas of data science.

The DSO department consists of three groups – information systems, operations management, and statistics. Faculty collaborate within and across different groups and schools to:

i) Teach innovative, timely classes that prepare students to thrive in an increasingly data-intelligent world.

ii) Conduct original, impactful research that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, through the lens of data science.

Importantly, faculty research spans both theoretical methodological breakthroughs in fundamental sciences and practical algorithmic strategies to help businesses, governments, and non-profits better navigate those modern wicked societal problems.

You can learn more about our diverse faculty, their cutting-edge research, and their outstanding scholarly contributions and professional achievements on this page and their personal websites below.

— Jinchi Lv, Department Chair and Professor of Data Sciences and Operations

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Open faculty positions at the USC Marshall Data Science and Operations Department are posted HERE.