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Experiential Learning Center

Experiential Learning Center

Marshall’s Experiential Learning Center (ELC) is a behavioral laboratory that enables students to learn critical management skills by participating in “business-like” activities that complement their classroom instruction. Topics covered include group decision-making, problem solving, making presentations, and business negotiations just to name a few. Students learn by actively engaging in ELC activities and receiving immediate feedback by reviewing their recorded interactions. ELC bridges the gap between theory and practice by enabling Marshall Students to translate competency into capability in getting ready to meet the challenges of the business world.

Our Mission: The Experiential Learning Center is a bridge between theory and practice in preparing Marshall Students for their careers

Unique among business schools, ELC facilities located at the Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall and at the Jane and Christopher Popovich Hall serve the educational needs of the Marshall Undergraduate and Graduate Students, respectively.

ELC prepares Marshall Students for their careers by providing them with opportunities to practice their interpersonal and management skills that are essential in managing effectively in today’s business environment.

ELC houses an extensive library of experiential activities that are used to simulate real-life business situations. These exercises cover a wide range of business concepts that include: leadership, teamwork, communication, negotiation, and decision-making.

ELC employs the latest state of the art technologies in designing its experiential activities such as AI and VR that enhance student experience and facilitate learning.

Student Activities at the ELC

Marshall Students participate in ELC activities through their business classes that use the center. Depending on the course and educational requirements, several of the class meetings for each section take place at the ELC.

ELC employs professional trainers who work closely with faculty in scheduling these sessions. These individuals research, design and conduct experiential activities at the center . Marshall faculty and the ELC trainers work closely together to ensure that the activity chosen for a particular class session emphasizes the lesson plan and enhances students' learning.

Students practice making presentations, they participate in business negotiations and mock interviews, as well as conducting focus groups for their class projects.

ELC Staff

Gita Govahi
Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning & Research

Patricio Ginesla
Video & Instructional Technician

Elizabeth Haley
Training Manager

Brian Nielson
ELC Video & Instructional Technician

Stephanie Westmyer
Learning and Development Specialist


  • Resources

    ELC provides training as well as capture services for classes that are scheduled at the Center. The facility is also used for recording mock interviews, presentations and focus groups. Contact the ELC team by sending an EMAIL.


    Experiential Learning Center
    Marshall School of Business
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