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MS Marketing (MSMKT)

  • Master of Science in Marketing (MSMKT)

    Master of Science in Marketing (MSMKT)

    The USC Marshall Master of Science in Marketing Program (MSMKT) is designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of relevant and innovative marketing skills and techniques for prospective students interested in pursuing or enhancing their existing marketing careers.

    The program provides tools, concepts, frameworks, critical thinking skills and practical hands-on projects in areas of interest that include entertainment, sports entertainment, luxury and lifestyle, technology, healthcare and marketing start-ups. This allows for more effective development, enhancement and refinement of marketing techniques that are so critical to the success of local and global businesses. Our personalized curriculum that boasts two different specialities sets the USC MS in Marketing Program apart from other MS in Marketing programs by capitalizing on the depth and breadth of course offerings at the Marshall School of Business and the University of Southern California.


  • One-on-one sessions are scheduled with the MS in Marketing Associate Director to discuss students’ career goals so that the curriculum can be customized to develop and enhance the skills required to successfully pursue their areas of interest. Our students take classes with students in the Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA and other specialized master’s programs. This diversity enhances our students’ classroom experience and allows them to learn from students of different backgrounds, nationalities and interests.


As a top-ranked four-year business school housed at a leading private research institution, a USC Marshall business degree allows extraordinary students to cement their own legendary futures.

Dates + Deadlines

Round 1: October 16, 2023
Round 2: November 20, 2023
Round 3: December 18, 2023
Round 4: January 22, 2024
Round 5: Rolling

Admission Decisions: Admissions decisions are typically released within 8-10 weeks after the submission of your application and receipt of all necessary documents by the admissions committee. If a student is waitlisted, final decisions for admissions will be communicated no later than May 10, 2024.

Virtual Interviews: Qualified candidates for admission will be notified to complete a virtual interview. Please note that admissions to the MSMKT program are competitive, and due to the high number of applicants, not all candidates will be offered a virtual interview.

We cannot wait to review your application and learn more about you. We wish you all the best. Fight On!


The Master of Science in Marketing Program begins in late May each year. At this time, all students in the program are registered in three mandatory classes and are given a list of required courses for the Fall and Spring semesters. These core courses serve as a foundation and provide a rigorous grounding in marketing frameworks, concepts and strategies to prepare students for more advanced careers in marketing. These courses also allow students to explore essential subjects within the marketing discipline, a thorough understanding of which can help students stand out and excel in their future careers.

  • In order to meet the standards of STEM certification, students on the Analytics Track must complete 21 units of required courses, leaving 9 units (or three classes) of electives. These electives are offered by the Marketing Department (MKT) or Data Sciences and Operations (DSO) Department. More information about the Marketing Analytics track can be found in the Catalogue for MS Marketing Analytics.


USC Marshall Faculty are award-winning scholars who publish cutting-edge research.

Message From the Director: Diane Badame

Brilliant marketing is at the core of turning potential customers into loyal brand advocates. The Master of Science in Marketing Program prepares you to unleash the next generation of great ideas into the world. The program is uniquely designed to hone analytical, digital and innovative marketing skills and to help you build comprehensive marketing expertise that can be applied to domestic and global businesses.

Marshall cultivates innovative leaders by developing critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills, oral and written communication and ethical foundations integral to lifelong learning and excelling in diverse global communities.

The program focuses on skills that enable the development, enhancement and refinement of fundamental and innovative marketing techniques that are so critical to the success of local and global businesses.

Accelerate Your Career

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please watch this short virtual information session with our Academic and Program Director, Dr. Diane Badame, for an in-depth look at the Master of Science in Marketing Program. Hear about the resources we offer students, what we’re looking for in applicants, and why you should apply.


Our MS in Marketing students come from many different backgrounds, but share a common goal of acquiring the advanced skills needed to enhance their current and future careers in marketing. In our ‘Student Perspectives’ profiles, we explore both current student and alumni perspectives on choosing to pursue a specialized Master’s degree at USC Marshall and the overall impact of our program.

  • MS in Marketing Advisory Council

    MS in Marketing Advisory Council

    Meet the Student Advisory Council of the MS in Marketing program. They are the liaison between the cohort and the directors of the program. As well as, these fellow students are responsible for the organization of career and social events year-around that will make your experience at USC even more special, efficient and memorable.