Yingying Fan

Professor of Data Sciences and Operations & Dean’s Associate Professor in Business Administration
Room / Office

PhD, MS, Princeton University; BS, University of Science and Technology of China

Yingying Fan's research interests include high dimensional statistical inference, classification and variable selection, nonparametric statistics, and financial econometrics. Her papers have been published in journals including the Annals of Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Econometrics, and Journal of Financial Econometrics. She was Lecturer in the Department of Statistics at Harvard University from 2007-2008. She is the recipient of National Science Foundation Grant (2009-2012, PI), 2010 Zumberge Individual Award from USC's James H. Zumberge Faculty Research and Innovation Fund (2010-2011, PI), and 2010 Dean's Award for Research Excellence. She also serves in the membership committee of the International Chinese Statistical Association (2009-Present).
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