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Accounting Masters

  • Accounting Masters Programs

    Accounting Masters Programs

    USC Leventhal offers three master’s programs to accommodate the diversity of backgrounds and educational pursuits of our students. Our full-time Master’s programs are widely recognized in the top tier of accounting education worldwide and are consistently highly ranked.


  • From the moment you enroll, you will experience the nature of the Trojan Family Network, which cuts across campus to include students and alumni from each of USC’s schools.

    At Leventhal and Marshall, we believe our strong alumni network is a true differentiator. We operate by the guiding principle that engaged students will become engaged alumni and engaged alumni are essential for a great student experience. Students are given the opportunity to make impactful connections with alumni who return to Leventhal as guest lecturers, career mentors, and open doors to their professional networks. The involvement by students and alumni is intended to foster a true vested interest in each other’s success and in the School that continues beyond commencement.


“Sustainability doesn’t stop at the environment and climate change. It also means providing fair wages, housing, and safe conditions for communities where these businesses are based. This is why we teach these concepts to our students. It’s important they understand how sustainability factors into business leadership.”

— Smrity Randhawa, Assistant Dean Leventhal Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor of Clinical Accounting

Faculty and students outline the numerous ways USC Leventhal pushes accounting programs beyond mere numbers, highlighting the schools' efforts in sustainability and other methods of giving back.




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