Gourab Mukherjee

Assistant Professor of Data Sciences and Operations
Room / Office

PhD, Stanford University; MStat, BStat, Indian Statistical Institute

Gourab Mukherjee is a statistician with research interests in statistical prediction analysis. His work includes the design of efficient probability forecasting strategies for repeated investments, sports betting and health sciences. He is currently working on estimation of predictive density in high-dimensional models with structural constraints. He is also involved in long-term collaborative studies on the development of advanced vaccines where he helps scientists with multi-parametric analysis of cell-signaling data-sets.
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L Brown, Gourab Mukherjee, A Weinstein () "Empirical Bayes Estimates for a 2-Way Cross- Classied Additive Model ,"  Annals of Statistics.
Peter Radchenko, Gourab Mukherjee () "Convex Clustering via L-1 Fusion Penalization ,"  Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B  79, 1527-1546.
Gourab Mukherjee, I Johnstone () "Exact minimax estimation of the predictive density in sparse Gaussian models ,"  Annals of Statistics.