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Master of Business Taxation for Working Professionals (MBT.WP)

Jennifer and James R. Parks Master of Business Taxation for Working Professionals


For fully employed tax professionals who are ready to deepen and broaden their knowledge of taxation and learn research techniques critical to success as a professional. Minimum one-year tax-related experience required for MBT.WP program.

  • 10 Courses (30 units) at your own pace to best fit your professional and personal life.
  • On-campus courses offered one night a week on University Park Campus
  • Online courses taught over the internet once weekly plus online exercises and activities on your own schedule during the week.
  • Identical degree and diploma whether you are full time campus student, part-time campus student, or part-time online student.
  • Full-time faculty supplemented by part-time subject matter experts teach in all programs.
Jennifer and James R. Parks Master of Business Taxation for Working Professionals


  • An innovative and dynamic curriculum to develop an expertise that would take years to develop on the job and create a skill set tol increase advancement opportunities.

    Collaborate with similar professionals around the country through Online courses. Leventhal online courses are taught by leading faculty and are designed by award-winning production and instructional design staff.


Our Master of Business Taxation for Working Professionals has been in existence for decades and has a proven track record of successful graduates who are leaders in the fields they have pursued. Whether on-campus or online, the curriculum is identical.

Technical, Conceptual, Problem-Solving

Students will apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to taxation of individuals, flow-through entities, and corporations. In addition, students will recognize potential opportunities for tax savings and tax planning.

Professional Development

Students will convert complex and technical tax terminology into language that translates to non-technical audiences. This outcome allows students to demonstrate strong interpersonal communication skills that build relationships with clients over time, and be able to prepare work products with careful attention to word choice, tone, and accuracy.

Applied Data Analytics

Students will be able to analyze business and tax objectives, issues and problems and identify the data necessary for solutions. They will integrate data tools and languages and communicate answers in pragmatic and understandable terms.

Research / Life-Long Learning

Students will use computer-based and paper-based systems to thoroughly research and analyze tax codes, tax law, rulings and interpretations, providing for adaptability as the tax law changes over time.

Ethical Principles and Professional Standards

Students will demonstrate understanding of and apply consistently the ethical principles and professional standards related to the profession, including the standards in taking a tax position. Students will also show the ability to express and follow rules of independence exhibiting the highest sense of professional ethics.

Globalization and Diversity

Students will be able to explain key differences in taxing policies related to expatriates and the countries they live and work in - allowing them to reflect on cultural and ethnic differences in approaches to business and taxation policies.



    Domestic and International Applications: June 1, 2024


    MAcc & MBT Admissions 
    USC Leventhal School of Accounting 
    3660 Trousdale Parkway, ACC 101 
    Los Angeles, CA 90089-0441



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