Gerard Hoberg

Professor of Finance and Business Economics
Room / Office

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., B.A., Yale University

Gerard Hoberg's research interests include corporate finance, industrial organization, mergers, payout policy and corporate liquidity, and empirical asset pricing. His recent work in IPOs examines the role of prospectus disclosure and the role of the underwriter in resolving IPO prices and mitigating litigation exposure. His work on product markets examines the role of competition in industry booms, merger decisions, product innovation, payout policy and conservatism, and how industries form. Much of Hoberg's work also uses methods in computational linguistics to examine theories relating to corporate disclosures in Finance and Accounting. For example, the text-based approach provides new insights on industry classifications, innovation, financial constraints, and fraud. Prior to earning his doctorate, Hoberg worked as a vice president at a quantitative transaction optimization firm. His teaching interests include corporate finance and corporate restructuring.

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