Yanhao "Max" Wei

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Room / Office

PhD, University of Pennsylvania; BS, Bocconi University

Max develops models to analyze market data. One of his research areas focuses on the network structures in markets, deriving insights from the connections between consumers (social networks) as well as products (e.g., product similarity, combinatorial creativity). The other area of his research is at marketing-finance intersection. He studies how consumers or investors make decisions in financial markets, such as mutual funds, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, and credit scoring.

Max's research has been published in Management Science, Marketing Science, Review of Financial Studies, Economic Journal, and Quantitative Marketing & Econ. He teaches the undergraduate marketing core.
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Yanhao "Max" Wei, Jihoon Hong, Gerard Tellis () "Machine Learning for Creativity: How Similarity Networks Help to Design Winning Projects in Crowdfunding? ,"  Journal of Marketing  forthcoming.
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