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MS Business Analytics (MSBA)

Master of Science in Business Analytics


The USC Marshall MSBA program is a data science STEM program with a business lens. It is one of the longest-running MSBA programs in the nation and has consistently been ranked among the world’s top programs. The program includes project-based learning in the classroom, so our students acquire deeper business analytics knowledge through active exploration of real business challenges and problems. These projects cover a range of business areas including finance, operations, marketing, management, supply chain, sports analytics, and HR.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

    Pacing: Full-time

    Program Length: 3-4 Semesters

    Format: In-Person

    Class Schedule: Weekdays on campus

    Student Profile: Early-Career professionals

    STEM Designation: STEM Certified


  • The Business Analytics program engages with the community through our annual conferences. We host a free conference, Data Con LA, here on the campus of USC. The conference provides anyone who is interested in data the opportunity to engage with industry professionals and gain new insights into the field. We typically have about 2000 attendees who come from all over the country.

    Furthermore, we engage the community through our partnerships with various organizations and companies, which allow our students to work on various real-world projects. These projects, whether it be gathering and programming data to improve transportation, affordable housing, or homelessness initiatives, allow our students to assist organizations with innovative solutions for the community.


  • Academics at a Glance

    Academics at a Glance

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree requires 33 units, taken in 3 semesters (with the flexibility of extending to 4 semesters): Fall, Spring, and Fall. There are 21 units of required coursework, including an internship opportunity, plus 12 units of coursework chosen from a list of electives.

    USC MSBA's Three Pillars: Computer Science; Statistics, Machine Learning, Optimization; and Business Strategy.

Sample Schedule

Actual schedules may differ between students for various reasons and will be determined with the guidance of the Academic Advisor.

First Semester (Fall)

GSBA 545: Data Driven Decision Making (1.5 units)

DSO 545: Statistical Computing and Data Visualization (3 units)

DSO 570: The Analytics Edge: Data, Models, and Effective Decisions (3 units)

DSO 552: SQL Databases for Business Analysts (1.5 units)

GSBA 542: Communication for Management (1.5 units)

Second Semester (Spring)

DSO 510: Business Analytics (1.5 units)

DSO 530: Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (3 units)

DSO 553: NoSQL Databases in Big Data (1.5 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (1.5 units)


DSO 595: Internship in Data Sciences or Operations (0-1.5 units)

Third Semester (Fall)

DSO 573*: Data Analytics Driven Dynamic Strategy & Execution (3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (1.5-3 units)

*DSO 573 can be replaced with DSO 574 (Getting Ready for Big Data), which is offered in the Spring or DSO 556 Business Models for Digital Platforms



  • Business Analytics Student Association

    Business Analytics Student Association

    The Business Analytics Student Association (BASA) is a student-led organization dedicated to empowering MSBA students with the necessary networking and professional skills to succeed in their careers. Additionally, we aim to enrich the student experience and establish a strong community of business analytics professionals within USC and beyond. To achieve this, we offer a diverse range of opportunities including workshops, networking events, case competitions, social gatherings, and more.


As a top-ranked four-year business school housed at a leading private research institution, a USC Marshall business degree allows extraordinary students to cement their own legendary futures.


Important Dates:

Application opens: October 1, 2023
International Student Deadline: April 15, 2024
Welcome Week: August 16-23, 2024
Classes begin: August 26, 2024

Round 1 November 15, 2023
Round 2 January 15, 2024
Round 3 March 15, 2024
Round 4 April 15, 2024
Round 5

Rolling Admissions until Fall 2024 Cohort is full, or the final deadline of May 15 passes**


For more information about this program, please fill out the form below. If you have further questions you may EMAIL the admissions team directly.