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Teaching and Innovation

Teaching + Innovation

Marshall Teaching & Innovation is about the intersection of world-class teaching and learning with technology. With the world’s shift into utilizing technology more as an aid in collegiate instruction, engaging learners wherever they are has become a priority. Being able to operate and thrive in this new environment successfully is crucial to our students’ success. Marshall’s Teaching & Innovation team have the tools and the skills to work with our expert faculty to ensure that our professors can reach their students’ hearts and minds, whether it is in-person or through a computer screen.

We feel that learning is less about technology and more about engagement with the coursework and professors. Many Marshall courses consist of both asynchronous and synchronous course work. Asynchronous activities can include presentations, moderated discussion boards, case studies, simulations, educational games, self-assessment exercises, and other online instructional content that can be completed at each student’s convenience. Synchronous, scheduled activities can include live video class sessions, webinars, facilitated team meetings, one-on-one feedback sessions, and other real-time interactions. Professors are also available via regularly scheduled virtual office hours and email. The same is true with our residential courses as well as Marshall’s online degree programs.

Dean Garrett and Vice Dean Patti Mills discuss Marshall's innovative educators and the school’s push to reward faculty members that leave a lasting impact in students' lives.


Instructional designers use specialized knowledge and skills to create engaging and effective learning experiences. They are experts in: learning theories, curriculum design, course development, and learning technology. Instructional designers support courses and faculty by providing best and innovative practices in online teaching pedagogy.

Instructional Designers put their expertise in practice by doing the following

  • Instructional designers identify the important learning goals and outcomes, organize material, and scaffold learning and work with faculty on innovative teaching practices. Learner-centered approaches are not simply about designing a course. They emphasize inclusive and equitable design principles to make sure no one is left out and all perspectives are explored.

Digital Media Production Studio

  • Video and Post-Production Services

    Video and Post-Production Services

    The USC Marshall School’s Digital Media Production Studio supports the video and post-production needs of the Marshall community. Located in USC’s Downtown Hill St. location, the facility provides professional video services and assists with the distribution of digital content on a wide range of formats. The facility creates content for Marshall’s Online MBA program, in addition to content for various other online and blended courses, departments, programs, faculty and staff.

Equipment and Support

The facility features a multi-camera production studio with real-time 4K HD capture, digital switching, teleprompters, and a staff of full-time video professionals. ENG field production capabilities for outside-the-studio content acquisition and support for audio narration recording is also provided.

Services Provided

- Video planning/script assistance

- Video pre-production

- Video production

- Multi-camera studio video capture

- Field production

- Video post-production

- Graphics and title creation

- Audio recording

- File transfer

- Content distribution assistance

“Technology is a significant part of our lives and all that technology can offer should be used to enhance education across the board.”

— Patricia Mills, Vice Dean of Teaching & Innovation