Tommy Talks

Marshall Faculty Address Critical Current Issues


Chris Parsons
What Can The Municipal Bond Market Tell Us About Racial Discrimination?
“In this short talk, Prof. Parsons addresses racial discrimination using insights from financial markets.  He explores the unique challenges historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) face when attempting to raise funds for their operations, and discusses how the findings may help us understand racial discrimination in other settings.”

Richard Sloan
Pandemics & Stock Prices

Anthony Dukes
Where to Find New Market Opportunities Post COVID-19

Andrii Parkhomenko
How do Cities Change When We Work from Home?

Song-Hee Kim
Hospital Resource Planning During the Pandemic: How Many Ventilators?

Dina Mayzlin
Misinformation in the Time of COVID 

Yijia Guo
Leadership and Team Communication in Coronavirus

Shantanu Dutta
“An N95” Mask for Pricing

Sampath Rajagopalan
COVID-19’s Impact on Supply Chains 

Ann Majchrzak
Digitally Transforming Your Business to Prepare for the New Normal

Neha Bairoliya and Ayse Imrohoroglu
The Macroeconomic Consequences of COVID-19

Kevin J. Murphy
Helping Mid-Size and Large Businesses During the Pandemic: CARES to the Rescue?

Emily Nix
The Long Term and Unequal Impact of Job Loss

Dawn Porter
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Understanding the Numbers Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kimon Drakopoulos and Ramandeep Randhawa
Why Perfect Tests May Not be Worth Waiting For


Gerard Tellis
Why US Governors Delayed Ordering Lockdowns

Rodney Ramcharan
The Federal Reserve and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lawrence Harris
The Imperfect Pause Button: The Economic Costs of Fighting COVID-19

Susan Harmeling
Ethics of the Coronavirus Crisis: Stakeholder Leadership in a Newly Uncertain World 

Kimon Drakopoulos
Data Science for Epidemics: The Value of Knowing Just a Little More…

Tom Y. Chang
The Least Worst Thing: Value of a Statistical Life

Coming Soon:

Selale Tuzel & Miao Zhang

Selale Tuzel & Miao Zhang
Economic Stimulus at the Expense of Routine Task Jobs
October 6, 2020

Yanhao Wei

Yanhao Wei
Has Blockchain Technology Benefited from Bitcoin’s Volatile Price?
November 2, 2020

Florenta Teodoridis

Florenta Teodoridis
AI and the Future of Labor
December 7, 2020