• Graduate Certificate in Optimization and Supply Chain Management

    The Graduate Certificate in Optimization and Supply Chain Management program is offered by the Marshall School of Business in partnership with the Viterbi School of Engineering. The program offers individuals the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the rapidly growing uses of technology and data analysis to improve the management of global supply chains.

    This program caters mostly to graduate students at USC pursuing masters and doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines.

    We also welcome applicants from outside of USC.

    The program focuses on teaching the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize performance in areas like product introduction; strategic procurement; outsourcing; logistics and distribution; and global supply management. Individuals seeking a career change into the field should instead consider the MS IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM which provides a more robust education and includes career services and scholarship opportunities.

    If you have questions after reviewing our website, EMAIL or call 213-740-3198.


Unit requirement: 15 units including required courses and at least 9 units of electives. The minimum GPA to complete this degree is 3.0 for all units applied to the certificate.


We welcome applications from individuals who have never applied to attend USC before as well as current USC graduate students.

Current USC Students

Only students currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral degree at USC are considered ‘current USC students.’ If you are an alumnus, even if recently graduated, you must follow the directions to apply as a non-USC student.

Non-USC Students

Interested applicants who are not active students in a USC Masters or Doctoral program should follow the application instructions below.

International Students Only 




    Phone: 213-740-3198


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