University of Southern California

Online Degree Programs

Online Master of Business Administration, Online MBA

The USC Marshall Online MBA is built to help students succeed in the digitally driven business landscape, providing a curriculum focused on the practical skills expected of today’s global leaders. The coursework of the Marshall Online MBA provides students with the rigor and camaraderie they would expect of a top MBA program, pairing powerful virtual tools with a comprehensive curriculum. Content of the program is designed specifically for an online format, with every course led by several members of the Marshall faculty. Special attention is given to the digital landscape, analytics, entrepreneurial thinking, social media and the management of global virtual teams. Coursework is conducted synchronously and asynchronously. Contact:; (877) 779-6643;

Master of Business Taxation, MBT

The Master of Business Taxation (M.B.T.) program provides in-depth specialization in taxation to prepare the student for a successful career as a tax professional. The program is designed to develop the skills and expertise professionals need to assist individuals and firms trying to cope with myriad tax legislation and regulation at both the federal and local levels. While gaining technical expertise is a central aim of those enrolled in the program, this expertise is not enough. Taxation encompasses law, economics, accounting and politics, and the astute tax advisor must understand all of the factors that influence the making of tax law and its administration. As important as learning the law and mastering research skills is the ability to communicate professional insights to others. The program provides a broad understanding of taxation, an appreciation for the complexities of decision-making and practice in explaining the tax implications of various courses of action. Contact:, (213) 740-4838, or

Master of Science of Global Supply Chain Management, MSGSCM

The online Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management offers individuals across the U.S. and around the world an opportunity to expand their knowledge of management of the ever-changing world of global supply chains. The program provides managers with tools, ideas and frameworks that will aid them in improving the performance of the global supply chains that they manage. Online courses are transmitted from studio classrooms via an extensive internet-delivery system to enable the students to access their classes anytime from anywhere. Two international travel experiences to global distribution hubs are included in the program. Contact:,

Master of Management in Library and Information Science, MMLIS

The Master of Management in Library and Information Science (M.M.L.I.S.) program is uniquely designed to prepare professionals with the practical leadership skills needed to manage libraries and information centers within colleges and universities, businesses, governmental organizations and in the digital world. Unlike other library science programs, the online MMLIS program provides a robust leadership, management and library and information sciences focus for students. Each course is taught through real world experience-based learning and teamwork, with faculty support and guidance. This approach encourages critical and creative thinking and the development of the skills necessary for working effectively in academic and public libraries and other institutions. The program is delivered entirely online and can be completed in as few as 18 months. To learn more, Click Here, or call 1-877-830-8647.