With Your Shield

A McMorrow Veterans Initiative


With Your Shield 

A McMorrow Veterans Initiative

KEY DATE:  January 23, 2019 - 1st Cohort Begins

USC is developing a certificate program through the USC Marshall School of Business to ensure the successful transition of Veteran families into civilian life. This program will open up employment and educational opportunities for Veterans and spouses, prepare Veterans for the psychological pressures of transition, and ensures a lifetime connection to the USC network for the Veteran and spouse all at no cost to the family.

Our Goals 

  • Connect both the Veteran and spouse to opportunities for employment and education 
  • Guide both the Veteran and spouse as they look to take on new roles in the economy, the community, and the household 
  • Establish a custom, robust civilian network for each participant and provide assistance with professional development 
  • Ensure the Veteran family identifies USC as a support network before, during and after transition

Exclusive Opportunities 

  • Access to exclusive business networks 
  • Connect with USC athletic department, fraternities and sororities, and other campus organizations

Qualifications required

  • Initially offered to current, separated/retired Naval Special Warfare (NSW) personnel and Gold Star spouses 
  • Minimum of 5 years in NSW 
  • Maximum of 1 year away from EAOS
  • Must have an honorable standing with the military

Gregory Sisa, Director, With Your Shield 
USC Marshall School of Business 
O: 213-821-9321 
M: 970-420-3499

Britta Lerda-Plog, Assistant Director, With Your Shield
USC Marshall School of Business
O: 213-821-9541
C: 505-629-6328
Melissa Charpied, Alumni and Administrative Coordinator, With Your Shield
USC Marshall School of Business
O: 213-821-9559
C: 323-919-4185

* Individuals with combat action ribbons will receive priority acceptance