How to Survive Finals

How to Survive Finals

Getting nervous for finals? Let us help. Below are some simple but effective best practices to prepare, and survive, your final exams.

Hard to believe finals are almost upon us. We know it’s stressful. But you can do this! Below are some best practices.

Start Early – the best strategy is to keep on top of your workload and be prepared when finals happen.

Get organized – Think like a project manager and block out how much time you’ll need to adequately be prepared. Work backwards from your finals dates and work study time into your schedule every week leading up to finals week.

Get Together – Study groups. We know you’ve spent much of the year at Marshall and Leventhal working in teams and study groups—now is no time to stop. Two heads are better than one. Three is even better. 

Get Intense – studies show that short but focused study sessions are more effective when it comes to retaining information than long, unfocussed sessions. Read more here.

Sleep – We’ve all had to pull an all-nighter, but the truth is, they do nothing for your focus or brain power. Instead of trying to work through the night, the better strategy is to call it a night—and set your alarm for early the next morning when your brain is fresh.

Exercise – Making time to work out will pay dividends. Even if you can only fit in a walk around the block, the exercise will clear your head for the next round of study.

Feed your brain - besides sleep, good nutrition and hydration is important to perform optimally. Chips and sodas aren’t helping you. Water, fruit, vegetables and a protein of your choice? Smarter.

Breathe - remember to keep everything in perspective. If you panic and try to study for all of your finals the night before, you’re not going to have the outcome you want.  Do the best you can, but maybe plan for better results earlier next semester.

Good Luck!!

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