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Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: September 2023

Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: September 2023

We are thrilled to highlight our distinguished faculty on recently accepted and published research and awards.


Business Communication

PETER CARDON and JOLANTA ARITZ have a forthcoming paper which found that business practitioners are rapidly adopting generative AI for everyday professional tasks and hold largely positive views of the application’s ability to work more efficiently, effectively, and creatively.

Data Sciences & Operations

RASHMI RANJAN BHUYAN's presentation “An MCEM algorithm for consistent estimation in Network-linked high-dimensional multinomial Probit,” with GOURAB MUKHERJEE was awarded first prize at the 2023 Graduate Student Research Conference at National Institute of Statistical Sciences. This paper was also awarded second prize at the student poster competition in the 2023 Workshop of Statistical Network Analysis and Beyond (SNAB 2023).

RASHMI RANJAN BHUYAN's working paper “Structured Dynamic Pricing: Optimal Regret in a Global Shrinkage Model,” joint with ADEL JAVANMARD and GOURAB MUKHERJEE, earned a travel award for the poster session presentation at the 2023 International Indian Statistical Association's annual conference.

ANDREW DAW has research forthcoming in Management Science that proposes a bivariate, marked Hawkes process cluster model of the customer-agent interaction in support contact centers.

CHAMSI HSSAINE and Daniel Freund has a paper accepted by Conference on Web and InterNet Economics, “Fair Incentives for Repeated Engagement.”

LORENA MARTIN was invited to be on the National Institute of Health (NIH) / National Institute on Aging Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) for the NIH R01 funded grant on the Personalized OSA Treatment and Effects on AD Biomarkers and Cognition.

GOURAB MUKHERJEE organized and chaired an invited panel session, “New and Evolving Roles of Business Statistics in the Big Data Era,” at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto.

GOURAB MUKHERJEERASHMI RANJAN BHUYAN, and SHANTANU DUTTA (Marketing) had their paper, “A Crossed Random Effects Joint Modeling Framework for Improved Prediction of Player Responses in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games,” published in Annals of Applied Statistics.

MATTEO SESIA has a paper accepted by Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, “Derandomized Novelty Detection with FDR Control via Conformal E-values.”

DENNIS SHEN, along with co-authors, has a paper accepted by Econometrica titled “Same Root Different Leaves: Time Series and Cross-Sectional Methods in Panel Data” that evaluates the causal effect of a treatment through panel data analysis.

KATHY TAKAYAMA recently moderated the “Women in Business” panel at the Women Veterans Alliance Unconference in Las Vegas.

ANGELA ZHOU's paper, “Optimal and Fair Encouragement Policy Evaluation and Learning,” was accepted by Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.

ANGELA ZHOU received funding by Microsoft Research's Accelerate Foundation Models Research Initiative for her research proposal, “Democratizing Robust Data Analysis for Causal Inference with LLM-Based Interactive Optimization.”

Finance & Business Economics

CARY D. FRYDMAN, METE KILIC, and Constantin Charles PhD ’23 had a paper, “Insensitive Investors,” accepted by the Journal of Finance that discusses how cognitive noise can provide a microfoundation for inelastic demand in the stock market.

EMILY NIX has a paper, “Violence Against Women at Work,” forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics along with co-authors Abi Adams-Prassl (University of Oxford), Kristiina Huttunen (Aalto University), and Ning Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis) that links reported violence between colleagues and the economic consequences for victims, perpetrators, and firms in Finland.

Leventhal School of Accounting

MARIA OGNEVA started her term as editor of The Accounting Review this summer.

Management & Organization

NAN JIA, along with co-authors Kenneth Huang and Yeyanran Ge, has a paper accepted in Research Policy titled, “Forced to Innovate? Consequences of United States’ Anti-Dumping Sanctions on Innovations of Chinese Exporters,” which examines how trade protection, particularly anti-dumping sanctions on foreign exports, impacts innovations developed by affected foreign firms.

JINO LU PhD had a paper on electric vehicle technologies selected by the Strategic Management Society as the Best Paper Award for the SMS Annual Conference being held in Toronto this month. His work also was selected as the Best Paper from the Knowledge & Innovation Group at the Conference.


NIKHIL MALIK, along with co-authors, has a paper forthcoming in Information Systems Research (ISR), “When does Beauty Pay?” 

STEPHANIE TULLY, along with co-authors, had research published by the American Psychological Association studying consumer behavior and reasonable decision-making when finances are scarce.