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Stephanie M. Tully

  • Kenneth King Stonier Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

Stephanie Tully studies the impact of consumers’ resources of money, time, and technology. Her research tackles questions like, how does feeling financially constrained change the way consumers make choices, why are some sources of money treated differently than others, and how does access to new technologies impact consumers' lives. Stephanie’s research has been published in top academic journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing Research. Stephanie is a MSI Young Scholar. Her research has won multiple awards and has been featured in popular press outlets such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Stephanie M. Tully

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Behavior
Consumer Experience
Financial Decision Making



Course List

MKT 450 - Consumer Behavior and Marketing
MKT 616 - Consumer Behavior Theory and Research


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