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Nikhil Malik

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, MS, Carnegie Mellon University, BTech, Indian Institute of Technology

Nikhil Malik studies economic implications of Machine Learning (ML) and other disruptive technologies. His recent work touches on Zillow’s ML based pricing for homes and Bitcoin’s pricing for payments. His research highlights issues of pricing, adoption, bias and fairness. Nikhil’s research has been supported in the past by awards and fellowships from PNC Bank and Ripple (payments network) among others. He has also spent time designing Financial Technology for Goldman Sachs. Given this background, Nikhil brings expertise at the cross section of Marketing and FinTech.

Nikhil Malik

Areas of Expertise

AI Bias
AI in Marketing
Applied Game Theory
Machine Learning



Centers + Institutes

Initiative on Digital Competition