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Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: November 2023

Marshall Faculty Publications, Awards, and Honors: November 2023

We congratulate our distinguished faculty for their recently accepted and published research and awards.


Data Sciences & Operations

JACOB BIEN has earned full promotion to the rank of Professor of Data Sciences and Operations, effective immediately.

MLADEN KOLAR, along with co-authors You-Lin Chen and Sen Na, has a paper accepted by Mathematics of Operations Research titled “Convergence Analysis of Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent under the Growth Condition.”

TIANSHU SUN, and co-author Yicheng Song, received the Best Paper Award (runner-up) at the Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST 2023) for his paper “Consumer Search and Dynamic Preference: A Deep Structural Econometric Model.”

YANFEI ZHOU, a 3rd year PhD who successfully passed her PhD Qualifying Exam, centers her research on uncertainty-aware machine learning. She had two papers recently published in top-tier machine learning conferences with her advisor MATTEO SESIA: “Training Uncertainty-Aware Classifiers with Conformalized Deep Learning” appeared in Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 35 (NeurIPS 2022) and “Conformal Inference Is (almost) Free for Neural Networks Trained with Early Stopping” appeared in the Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023).

Management & Organization

NAN JIA and BO YANG, PhD were published this month in Comparative Political Studies for their paper “China’s Low-Productivity Innovation Drive: Evidence From Patents.”

FLORENTA TEODORIDISs paper, “Randomization as a tool for organizational decision-making: a debatable or debilitating proposition?” will be published next month in the 30th anniversary volume of Industry and InnovationAlong with her co-authors, the paper was invited to submit as an extension of their successful DRUID debate, which is a rarity; only one other debate was converted into an article out of nearly 60 debates DRUID has hosted over time.


ROBERT KOZINETS was honored with the 2024 Fellow Award at the recent Association for Consumer Research (ACR) 2023 Conference.

YANYAN LI, PhD received the 2023 Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Competition Award (Honorable Mention) for her submission, “Privacy Invasion of Mobile Targeted Advertising and Consumer Learning” by the Marketing Science Institute; she will present her work at a special session at next year’s Marketing Science Conference.

KRISTEN SCHIELE, with colleagues at Politecnico De Lisboa in Lisbon when she was a Fulbright Scholar, were recently awarded a grant of €25,000 euros by the Luso-American Development Foundation for their proposal “Digital Communication and Digital Marketing: a Cross-Cultural Learning Experience Between Portugal and USA.” The proposal is targeted to develop cross-cultural curriculum for students and teachers in both countries to collaborate this Spring term.

STEPHANIE TULLY and co-author Wendy De La Rosa were named winners of the 2023 Research in Practice Prize by the AMA CB Special Interest Group (CBSIG) for their Journal of Consumer Research paper, “The Impact of Payment Frequency on Consumer Spending and Subjective Wealth Perceptions.”

WENDY WOOD has been granted emeritus status with the title Provost Professor Emerita of Psychology and Business.

WENDY WOOD’s paper “Lagging Behind: The Insidious Effects of Brief Internet Delays on Consumer Engagement,” with co-authors, won the best working paper award at the 2023 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference.