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Master of Accounting (M.Acc.)
The M.Acc. program provides an integrated curriculum designed to prepare graduates for careers in professional accounting, public accounting, industry and government. Through its integrated curriculum, students have the opportunity to study accounting in greater depth than in undergraduate accounting programs or M.B.A. programs with concentrations in accounting. The objectives of the program include developing the sound conceptual, technical, analytical and communication skills that are required to succeed in the accounting profession. The program employs a rigorous case analysis approach that requires students to exercise their analytical abilities and develop effective verbal and written communication skills. The program also seeks to instill a deep appreciation and respect for the crucial role of the independent accountant in our free enterprise economy. This perspective provides the bedrock of the professional attitudes and responsibilities of CPAs today. Contact:, (213) 740-4838,

Master of Business Taxation (M.B.T.) and MBT - Working Professionals
The Master of Business Taxation (M.B.T.) program provides in-depth specialization in taxation to prepare the student for a successful career as a tax professional. The program is designed to develop the skills and expertise professionals need to assist individuals and firms trying to cope with myriad tax legislation and regulation at both the federal and local levels. While gaining technical expertise is a central aim of those enrolled in the program, this expertise is not enough. Taxation encompasses law, economics, accounting and politics, and the astute tax advisor must understand all of the factors that influence the making of tax law and its administration. As important as learning the law and mastering research skills is the ability to communicate professional insights to others. The program provides a broad understanding of taxation, an appreciation for the complexities of decision-making and practice in explaining the tax implications of various courses of action. Contact:, (213) 740-4838, or

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MBT.WP On Campus is our traditional evening, in-person program.

MBT.WP Online is taught in a Virtual Classroom you can access online, plus interact with professor and peers one hour each week.

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