5 Ways to Recharge_Wellness

Five Ways to Recharge

We get it. We're exhausted too. Here are five ways you can recharge so you can recalibrate...and Fight On!

Recharge_wellnessWe might be on the road less—a lot less—these days, but that doesn’t mean KUSC’s 5 pm Car Tune Anti-Road Rage Melody isn’t still a welcome break from the day’s stressors.

Let's all admit it: Working and studying through a pandemic is stressful. 

Here are some tips for staying rested and recharged:

  • Take a Minute—or a few—to center yourself and de-stress. Mindful USC offers many resources and classes.
  • Pick Up a Book (even a Kindle)—Research shows reading can have many mental health benefits.
  • Listen to Music—KUSC is a great choice, but so is anything that lightens your mood—including video game music.
  • Get Moving—Even better, go outside for a change of scenery.
  • Practice a Gratitude Attitude—and be sure to write down what you’re feeling grateful for.

More tips to recharge from Thrive Global.

And stay positive (BBC)