February, 2017


The Director Speaks - " Tech Poised to Drive Even More Change "

Jerry PowerAs I reflect over the events of 2016, I would characterize 2016 as a year of momentous potential.  There were some big mergers and more waiting in the wings, there have been and will be more regulatory changes, the politics are changing, technology is advancing, and new markets portend to reshape everything.  Presumably, 2017 will evolve to become a year of opportunity which we can either embrace or deny.  CTM has always been an organization that believes that opportunities should be sought with vigor.  As we evolve in reaction to our changing environment, we will maintain our research efforts to better understand the rapidly evolving business of entertainment. We will continue our efforts to develop prescriptive guidance that improves the value companies can achieve from their investment in technology.  We are adding to those practices a heightened focus on the business issues that surround the growing internet of things (IOT) market as we expect that this will become an increasingly growing transformation issue.  And, as an educational institution, we realize that knowledge is only valuable if it is communicated and so we will be ramping up our educational outreach efforts and expanding our external communications efforts as well.  We are looking forward to an exciting 2017 as technology continues to extend its reach to impact all our business endeavors.

  • The CTM research programs continue to make headway.  The Business-Technology, the program where CTM is working with Marshall faculty to develop prescriptive guidance that helps companies achieve more with technology has completed its raw data collection and is now in an analysis phase.  The IOT research program that seeks to create a behavioral model that will forecast the potential of IOT constituent markets is approaching its launch date.  Finally, the Future of Media program is wrapping up its subject matter expert interview phase.
  • CTM has updated its website and brochures.  Feel free to check them out at  If you know of companies who might be interested in becoming participating CTM member companies, be sure to let us know.
  • The USC BEA (Business of Entertainment) is hosting a conference on the Evolution of Entertainment (E2).  This year, the focus will be on the Future of Screens. We expect this to be an exciting conference focused on an aspect of the industry that is undergoing significant change.  The speaker list is simply amazing; this day will help to reshape our thinking on the entertainment business.  Once tickets go on sale, you will be able to get them at  
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LEARNING PROGRAMS From Steven Shepard, Director

Steve We are going through a refresh of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) program that better reflects the ongoing changes in the industry that our member companies (and the ICT industry as a whole) are facing. Key changes include the addition of a rotating cadre of guest speakers sprinkled throughout the week-long program, a shift in the content to enrich the process-driven flow experience.  We are also adding post-program activities to continue the learning process after the conclusion of the formal classroom experience. As part of the redesign, each participant will be asked to bring to the program a business challenge or research topic that they will work on throughout the week to make the content more individually relevant.  When the program concludes, each participant will be asked to report on the actions they have implemented upon returning to work. These learnings will be reinforced through a supplemental Podcast series.  Former graduates are encouraged to reach out to if they are interested in gaining access to these extra-curricular opportunities (

We encourage graduates of the AMP program to tell their colleagues that CTM has opened the registration website for the 2017 Los Angeles May 1-5 program and is now accepting applications from here. For those not familiar with the program, please visit our webpage. The AMP program is a great opportunity to interact with other high potentials intent on becoming a better manager/leader in a world where the ecosystem determines the potential for success.  

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Business Process

Manufacturing jobs moved to low-cost countries when labor was the driving cost factor but automating is causing a lot of factory relocations because labor is no longer the driving issue.  Low-cost countries are attempting to maintain their position by stepping up their own automation efforts.  iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to replace almost every human worker with robots 

The Internet is blurring the line between Sales and Marketing.  We can expect this trend to continue and success will often be determined by how well sales and marketing teams can work together as an integrated team.  How to Use Content for Better Sales and Marketing Alignment

We are moving to an era where context is as important as content in a marketing campaign.  Marketing can be considered as short-form entertainment and this has to lead to the question as to whether entertainment also becomes context-dependent in the future. Why Context, Not Content, Is King In Marketing

Smart-cities is about improving citizen services, reducing city costs, and new revenue opportunities but much of this potential will remain untapped until the bureaucrats can find ways to break down departmental barriers to build shared infrastructure and share data.  Now that tech is no longer an inhibitor, human processes are the determinant of success. 3 benefits a smart city can gain from smart infrastructure 

Internet-of-Things/ Robotics

At one point in time we thought about robotics as a replacement for the most mundane of tasks leaving face-to-face interaction in the realm of humans.  However, robotic sales assistants seems to challenge even that notion in that it would let a single salesperson project their personal sales strategy to many physical places.  Robots and artificial intelligence set to upend the art of making a sale 

Too often we think of tech as a big company strength but new devices and cloud services are allowing smaller competitors to compete on an equal playing field.  A SMB targeted robotic arm will allow small manufacturing companies to compete with large competitors.  Dobot lends a robotic hand to small businesses 

Entertainment/ Mobility/ Broadband

Cruise ships have had premium and standard cabins for years.  The latest advances in cruising uses technology to give the interior cabins first class treatment.  This could completely change our idea of a destination vacation.  The future is now: How smart ships are revolutionising cruising 

At CES Qualcomm’s Steve Mollenkopf said that 5G may be as impactful as electricity or the car.  At first glance such a statement may sound overstated, but when 5G is considered in the light of other changes such as VR, IOT, and AI, his comparison might prove to be too conservative. Qualcomm says 5G is the biggest thing since electricity

Consumer Markets

The idea of wearables often conjures up the image of FitBit-type devices but the wearable market is fragmenting with different wearables being targeted at the needs of different population segments.  Can wearable technology help the elderly?

At CES, Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank, made the observation that someday his company may be competing with the likes of Apple.   To think that a clothing manufacturer considers themselves a competitor with a tech company sounds questionable but as close become smart (and they will) and as devices like the Apple Watch shift into the fashion accessory space, it begins to make total sense. CES: Why Under Armour’s CEO Is Competing With Apple

McKinsey wrote an article on smart homes that opens the door to more issues than it answers.  What will a smart home be when there are many platforms, different levels of trust, cloud-based AI based emotion detectors, and revolutionary business models?  Interestingly, we seem to be going past the point where can look at smart homes as a technology and have to start thinking of them as complex business-driven ecosystems. A smart home is where the bot is 

A quick article on how the players in the automobile industry are racing one another to for the pole position in a tech space that will redefine the car industry, open the door for new business models, and create entirely new after-market business opportunities.  In a crowded field, who is ahead in the autonomous car race?

 AI/Big-Data/ Analytics

GE's Predix AI tool is being used to collect IOT data and compares that date to forecast data in an effort to identify potential system faults in complex manufacturing systems.  An interesting application of AI which serves to demonstrate how recent advances in technology will revolutionize our understanding of business processes. 3 Ways GE's Predix Is Revolutionizing Customers' Operations

The benefits of AI, big-data, and IOT have been well explored but what can be accomplished (and what can’t) is dependent on the infrastructure that links the data, the intelligence, and the user.  The structure of the data infrastructure may be in need of an upgrade if we are to reap the full potential these technologies can offer. What Is the Future of Data Warehousing?

The impact of AI on marketing continues to grow.  In fairness, AI is not new but the explosion of data that can drive AI tools and the programmable process tools that can be Intelligently managed are new and serve to give AI new purpose and direction. Resource




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