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How to Survive Remote Work

It's been almost a year, sure. But it's never too late to be reminded of tips for surviving remote work.

How to survive remote work_tips_wellnessNow that you’ve been working from home for—let’s see—11 months or so now, you might think you know everything to be as effective and productive as possible.

But there’s always more to learn as you navigate this new normal.

Below are some tips you can check out (if you haven’t tried them already):

  • Who’s in Charge Here?—Make sure there’s always an official Zoom leader. USC Marshall Business Communication professors offer this and other advice for navigating virtual meetings.
  • Be Patient—Cats, dogs, babies, and internet outages will interrupt pretty much every Zoom call.
  • Hey, I’m Working Here—And speaking of interruptions, make sure everyone in your household knows when not to interrupt you.
  • What’s Up?—Check in regularly with colleagues about projects and their wellbeing.
  • Spruce Up Your Space—Houseplants make the quietest co-workers.
  • Speaking of Quiet—Invest in some noise canceling headphones.
  • Get Dressed—including changing your pajama pants—so your brain gets the message it’s time to work.
  • Don't burn out. No, seriously. Marshall's own researchers have some tips for you on how to avoid burning out while working from home.


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