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Research at Marshall

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The marketing faculty in USC Marshall is dedicated to discovering new knowledge for our discipline through our research efforts. We work to publish rigorous and relevant research that yields meaningful implications for managerial practice, public policy, and consumer activities. Members of our faculty are sought-out thought leaders in every arena as pertains to the field of marketing, and hold prestigious editing positions at the leading journals.

Below is a summary of the research articles we published in top academic journals during 2013 – 2016 and a list of forthcoming articles.


Chun, Hae Eun, Diehl, Kristin and Deborah J. MacInnis (2016), “Savoring an Upcoming Experience Affects Ongoing and Remembered Consumption Enjoyment,” Journal of Marketing, forthcoming.

Hagen, Linda, Aradhna Krishna, and Brent McFerran, “Rejecting Responsibility: Low Physical Involvement in Obtaining Food Promotes Unhealthy Eating” forthcoming at Journal of Marketing Research.

Campbell, Arthur, Dina Mayzlin and Jiwoong Shin (2016), Managing Buzz, forthcoming at RAND.

Lan Luo and Jiong Sun (2016), “New Product Design under Channel Acceptance: Brick-andMortar, Online Exclusive, or Brick-and-Click”, forthcoming, Production and Operations Management.

Ülkümen, Gülden, Craig R. Fox and Bertram F. Malle (2016), “Two Dimensions of Subjective Uncertainty: Clues from Natural Language,” forthcoming at Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(10).

Tannenbaum, David, Craig R. Fox and Gülden Ülkümen (2016), “Judgment Extremity and Accuracy under Epistemic versus Aleatory Uncertainty,” forthcoming at Management Science.

Harrington, Joseph E. and Yanhao Wei (2016) “What Can the Duration of Discovered Cartels Tell Us About the Duration of All Cartels?” Forthcoming at Economic Journal.

Proserpio, Davide and Georgios Zervas (2016), “Online Reputation Management: Estimating the Impact of Management Responses on Consumer Reviews,” forthcoming at Marketing Science.

Tellis, Gerard J. (2017), “Interesting and Impactful Research: On Phenomenon, Theory, and Writing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, January, forthcoming.

Ying Li and Gerard J. Tellis (2016), “Does Province Matter? Intra-Country Differences in the Takeoff of New Products,” Technovation, forthcoming.

Gilbride Timothy, Imran Currim, Ofer Mintz and S. Siddarth (2016), “A Model of Inferring Market Preferences from Online Retail Product Information Matrices, Journal of Retailing, (forthcoming).

Mukherji, Prokriti, Ramkumar Janakiraman, Shantanu Dutta and Surendra Rajiv (2016), “The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Regulation on Consumers’ Welfare: A Natural Experiment,” forthcoming in Journal of Advertising Research.

Fox, Craig R. and Gülden Ülkümen (2016), "Comment on Løhre & Teigen: There is a 60% Probability, But I Am 70% certain: Communicative Consequences of External and Internal Expressions of Uncertainty,” forthcoming at Thinking & Reasoning.


Cavanaugh, Lisa A. (2016), “Consumer Behavior in Close Relationships,” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10, 101-106.

Diehl, Kristin, Gal Zauberman and Alixandra Barasch (2016), “How Taking Photos Increases the Enjoyment of Experiences,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 111(2), 119–140.

Dukes, Anthony and Lin Liu (2016), “Online Shopping Intermediaries: The Strategic Design of Search Environment,” Management Science, 62(4), April, pp. 1064–1077.

Liu, Lin, and Anthony Dukes (2016), “Consumer Search with Limited Product Evaluation,” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 25(1), Spring, pp. 32–55.

Dongling Huang and Lan Luo (2016), “Consumer Preference Elicitation of Complex Products using Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Active Learning,” Marketing Science, Special Issue: “Big Data,” 35(3), 1-20.

Reimann, Martin, Deborah J. MacInnis and Antoine Bechara (2016), “Can Smaller Meals Make You Happy? Behavioral, Neurophysiological, and Psychological Insights Into Motivating Smaller Portion Choice Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, forthcoming, 1 (1), 71-91.

Isikman, Elif, Deborah MacInnis, Gülden Ülkümen and Lisa Cavanaugh (2016) “The Effects of Curiosity-Evoking Events on Activity Enjoyment,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 22(3), 319-330.

Valsesia, Francesca, Joseph C. Nunes and Andrea Ordanini (2016), “What Wins Awards Is Not Always What I Buy: How Creative Control Affects Authenticity and Thus Recognition (But Not Liking),” Journal of Consumer Research, 42, 897-914.

Xu, Linli, Kenneth C. Wilbur, S. Siddarth and Jorge Silva-Risso (2014), “Price Advertising by Different Channel Members,” Management Science, 60(11), 2816-2834.

Borah, Abhishek and Gerard J. Tellis (2016), “Halo (Spillover) Effects in Social Media: Do Recalls of One Brand Hurt or Help a Rival Brand,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53, 2 (March-April), lead article.

Tully, Stephanie and Tom Meyvis (2016), “Questioning the End Effect: Endings Do Not Inherently Have a Disproportionate Impact on Evaluations of Experiences,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(5), 630-642.

Caroline Ducarroz, Sha Yang, and Eric A. Greenleaf (2016) Understanding the Impact of In-Process Promotional Messages: An Application to Online Auctions. Journal of Marketing: March 2016, Vol. 80, No. 2, pp. 80-100.


Cavanaugh, Lisa A., James R. Bettman, and Mary Frances Luce, "Feeling Love and Doing More for Distant Others: Specific Positive Emotions Differentially Affect Prosocial Consumption," Journal of Marketing Research, 52 (5), 218-232.

Zemack-Rugar, Yael, Rabino, Rebecca, Cavanaugh, Lisa A., and Gavan J. Fitzsimons (2015), “When Donating is Liberating: The Role of Product and Consumer Characteristics in the Appeal of Cause-Related Products,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26(2), 213-230.

Cavanaugh, Lisa A., Gino, Francesca, and Fitzsimons, Gavan J. (2015), “When Doing Good Is Bad in Gift-Giving: Mis-predicting Appreciation of Socially Responsible Gifts,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 131, 178-189.

Cavanaugh, Lisa A., MacInnis, Deborah J., and Weiss, Allen (2015), “Perceptual Dimensions Differentiate Emotions,” Cognition and Emotion, 1-16.

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Lu, Shijie, Zhu, Yi, and Dukes, A. (2015), “Position Auctions with Budget-Constraints: Implications for Advertisers and Publishers,” Marketing Science, 34 (6), 897-905.

Kwon, Ohjin, Anthony Dukes, S. Siddarth, and Jorge Silva-Risso (2015), "The Informational Role of Product Trade-ins For Pricing Durable Goods," Journal of Industrial Economics, LXII (4), 736-762.

Zhu, Y., and Dukes, A. (2015), “The Selective Reporting of Factual Content by Commercial Media,” Journal of Marketing Research, LII (Feb.1), 56-76.

Luo, Lan and Oliver Toubia (2015), “Improving Online Idea Generation Platforms and Customizing Task Structure on the Basis of Consumer's Domain Specific Knowledge,” Journal of Marketing, 79 (5), 100-114.

Reimann, Martin, Antoine Bechara, Deborah MacInnis and (2015), “Leveraging the Happy Meal Effect: Behavioral, Neurophysiological and Psychological Evidence on Motivating Smaller Portion Choice”, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 21 (3), 276-286.

Ordanini, Andrea and Joseph C. Nunes (2015), “More Blockbusters but Fewer Superstars: How Technological Shifts in the Music Industry Have Impacted Billboard’s Hot 100,” forthcoming at International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Nunes, Joseph C., Andrea Ordanini and Francesca Valsesia, "The Power of Repetition: Repetitive Lyrics in a Song Increase Processing Fluency and Drive Market Success," Journal of Consumer Psychology 25 (2), 187–199.

Diestre, Luis, Nandini Rajagopalan, and Shantanu Dutta (2015), “Constraints in Acquiring and Utilizing Directors’ Experience: An Empirical Study of New Market Entry in the Pharmaceutical Industry,” Strategic Management Journal, 36, 339-359.

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