Milan Miric

Assistant Professor of Data Sciences and Operations
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Milan Miric joined the IS Group within the DSO Department in 2016. His research tries to understand basic questions about how firms can capture and create value in digital industries. In particular, his research tries to understand how the unique structural features of digital industries (network effects, low costs of innovating, non-monetary motivations) influence the process by which firms capture and create value. His work is largely empirical combining large-scale panel datasets with interviews and field work. His research work draws heavily on insights from psychology, economics, and sociology but tries to contribute to the literature on information systems and innovation.
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Milan Miric, Florenta Teodoridis, Jinhong Lu () "Decision-making in an AI world: Lessons from Online Chess ,".
Milan Miric, Nan Jia, Kenneth Huang () "Comparison of Machine Learning and Keyword Methods for Large-Scale Classification in Management Research: The Case of Identifying Artificial Intelligence Patents ,".
Kenneth Huang, Milan Miric, Nan Jia () "The Development of Artificial Intelligence Innovations in China and Its Rivalry with the U.S ,".
Milan Miric, Pai-Ling Yin () "Population-Level Evidence of the Gender Gap in Technology Entrepreneurship ,".