Ph.D. Students

Jennifer Lee

Ph.D. student in Marketing

Jennifer Lee is a Ph.D. student in Marketing specializing in consumer behavior research. Her research currently focuses on interpersonal relationships and product aesthetics. Prior to entering the program, Jennifer worked as a research analyst, helping guide marketing strategy for companies including the Los Angeles Times, Target, and General Mills.

Bora Min

Ph.D. student in Marketing

Bora Min is a Ph.D. student in Marketing doing research on consumer behavior. Her research interests are consumer novelty vs. familiarity seeking, creativity, and product experiences. Prior to the Ph.D. program, Bora earned a B.A. in Psychology and English Linguistics & Literature (with Summa Cum Laude), and an M.A. in Social Psychology at Seoul National University. She also worked as a researcher at the Center for Happiness Studies at SNU.

Lei Pei

Ph.D. student in Marketing

Lei is a first year Ph.D. student in quantitative marketing. Prior to joining the program, Lei worked as a research analyst for a marketing firm in Toronto. She also worked as a program evaluation officer for the Canadian federal government and as a web developer for a major Canadian bank. Her research interests are in strategic communication, advertising, and online shopping.

Arianna Uhalde

Ph.D. student in Marketing

Arianna Uhalde is a Ph.D. student in marketing studying consumer psychology and behavior. Her research interests include consumer-brand relationships, brand transgressions, and social influence on consumption. Prior to entering the Ph.D. Program, Arianna earned a B.A. in Psychology and Public Policy Studies and a certificate in Markets & Management Studies from Duke University.

Francesca Valsesia

Ph.D. student in Marketing

Francesca is a Marketing Ph.D. candidate at the USC Marshall School of Business. Her research interests are: Signaling and Impression Management, Social Influence and WOM, Experiential Consumption.