Undergraduate Electives

Graduate Courses

MKT 512 - Customer Insights and Analysis

Professor Sha Yang

This course will introduce students to various marketing research techniques to collect, analyze and act upon customer information, especially in the Internet and digital environment.

MKT 525 - Consumer Behavior

Professor Kristin Diehl

In this course, you will enhance your understanding of how and why people consider, choose, use, and evaluate goods and services.

MKT 526 - Advertising and Social Media Strategy

Professor Gerard Tellis

Technological changes have created radically new products, disrupted markets, and revolutionized media.

MKT 528 - Sales Management: The Art and Science of Sales

Professor Steven Martin

This course provides detailed exposure of business to business and personal selling techniques.

MKT 530 - New Product Development

Professor Dennis Schorr

In this course, you will learn how to identify new product and service opportunities and generate new concepts, how to test customer reactions to new product ideas and predict demand, and how to develop a marketing program for launching new products and services.

MKT 533 - Branding Strategy

Professor Diane Badame

Effective brand management is critical to maintaining the long-term viability and profitability of products and services.

MKT 535 - Business-To-Business Marketing Management

Professor Gerard Power

The business to business (B2B) marketing world differs from the consumer to marketing world in substantial ways.

MKT 536 - Pricing Strategies

Professor Shantanu Dutta

The class will cover key pricing concepts and analytical techniques, using customer, company and competitive information.

MKT 560 - Marketing Strategy

Professor Diane Badame

The development and execution of successful marketing strategies are essential to capitalize on opportunities and resolve issues that challenge a variety of domestic and global business spanning multiple industries.

MKT 566 - Marketing Analytics

Professor Lan Luo

This course is aimed at familiarizing students with data-driven marketing strategies.

MKT 586 - Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle Marketing

Professor Diane Badame

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the principles and practices of brand management and their application in connection with the fashion, luxury goods and lifestyle marketing sectors in a global marketplace.

MKT 589 - CMO on Shareholder Value

Professor Diane Badame

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the role of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in a variety of types of companies and industries and how he or she influences shareholder value.

MARKETING MBA Elective Courses