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Spring 2019

MKT 526                                                             

MKT 526 - Advertising and Social Media Strategy

Professor Gerry Tellis

This course is designed to develop technological changes have created radically new products, disrupted markets, and revolutionized media. Advertising and social media. Advertising and social media are critical to win in this environment. This course will provide students with new ideas, tools, media, and models to compete strategically in this rapidly changing environment.                                  

MKT 530

MKT 530 - New Product Development

Professor Larry Vincent

In this course, you will learn how to identify new product and service opportunities and generate new concepts, how to test customer reactions to new product ideas and predict demand, and how to develop a marketing program for launching new products and services.

MKT 533 

MKT 533 - Branding Strategy

Professor Sasha Strauss

Course teaches brand building practices directly from contemporary brand consulting fieldwork. Students are assigned real markets brands and build a compounding mastery of the brand's strategy through a combination of in class, group, digital, and individual assignments.

MKT 543 

MKT 543 - Marketing Demand and Sales Forecasting

Professor S. Siddarth

This course will familiarize you with several advanced, quantitatively oriented marketing tools that enhance demand forecasting ability and marketing decision-making. I will provide extensive experience in using these tools through computer exercises (i.e., dirtying your hands with data). Most of the analysis will require you to use spreadsheet based tools such as regression analysis.

MKT 555 

MKT 555 - Marketing Channels

Professor Gary Frazier

This course will use examination of strategic decision making channels with emphasis on the structure and management of channels. Intensity in distribution, vertical integration, how roles in the channel are formulates, types of intermediaries and multiple channels of distribution.

MKT 556 

MKT 556 - Internet Marketing

Professor Allen Weiss

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the most current tactics, applications, and trends in digital marketing.

MKT 560 

MKT 560 -  Marketing Strategy

Professor Diane Badame

The development and execution of successful marketing strategies are essential to capitalize on opportunities and resolve issues that challenge a variety of domestic and global business spanning multiple industries.

MKT 566 

MKT 566 - Marketing Analytics

Professor Anthony Duke

Aimed at providing managers with the skills needed to make data-given marketing decisions, this course employs a combination of lectures, cases, and exercises.

MKT 599 

MKT 599 - Marketing Metrics for Business Decisions

Professor Dinesh Puranam

at the heart of great business organizations are great business decisions. In order to make specific business decision, businesses typically rely on metric generated data. In addition, metrics are critical for effective business communication.

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