Department Seminar Series

Spring 2017 Management and Organization Seminar Series (Fridays unless otherwise noted)

Distinguished Speaker Seminars are from 11:00AM to 12:30PM unless otherwise specified.

Distinguished Speaker Seminar Schedule Spring 2017
Fri., 1/13/17
Prof. Anat Rafaeli
Technion International Israel Insititute of Technology
Connecting Customer Emotion to Service Operations: Evidence from the Lab and the Field ACC 205 Prof. Carnevale, OB
Fri., 1/20/17 Prof. Matthew Bidwell
A Career Advancement Perspective on Inter-Organizational Mobility ACC 205 Prof. Nagle, Strategy
Fri., 1/27/17 Prof. Amy Edmonson
Harvard Business School
Cross-Group Flouting: Boundary Spanning that Circumvents Formal Processes ACC 205 Prof. Carnevale, OB
Thurs., 2/02/17 Prof. Sinziana Dorobantu
New York University
Valuing Stakeholder Governance: Property Rights, Stakeholder Mobilization, and the Value of Community Benefits Agreements JFF 417 Prof. Yue, Strategy
Friday, 2/10/17 Prof. Rahul Kapoor
Wharton University
Two Faces of Value Creation in Business Ecosystems: Leveraging Complementarities and Managing Interdependencies ACC 205 Prof. Nagle, Strategy
Fri., 2/17/17 Prof. Scott Stern
The Foundations of Entrepreneurial Strategy JFF 417 Prof. Teodoridis,
Wed., 2/22/17 Prof. Henrich Greve
Institutional Legacies: Creation and Destruction JFF 417 Prof. Yue, Strategy
Fri., 2/24/17 Prof. Marvin Lieberman
Creating and Capturing Value: What Does It Mean, and How Can It Be Measured? ACC 303 Prof. Nagle, Strategy
Fri., 3/10/17 Prof. Elena Kulchina
Duke University
Immigrants and Firm Performance: Effects on Foreign Subsidiaries versus Foreign Entrepreneurial Firms ACC 303 Prof. Nagle, Strategy
Fri., 3/24/17 Prof. Nate Petit
New York University
Differences in How People Value and Understand Status ACC 303 Prof. Anicich, OB
Fri., 4/07/17

Prof. Peter Clarke
Prof. Susan Evans

An Odyssey in Social Change: Building and Field Testing a Mobile App That Increases Healthy Eating Among Low-Income Families ACC 303 Prof. Adler, OB
Fri., 4/14/17 Prof. Ashish Arora
Duke University
Waiting for the Payday? The Timing of Entrepreneurial Exit and the Market for Startups ACC 303 Prof. Teodoridis,
Fri., 4/21/17 Prof. Amy Wrzesniewski
Yale University
The Meaning of Work in Employment Transitions: How Couples' Work Orientation Incongruence Shapes Work Outcomes ACC 303 Prof. Kim, OB
Fri., 4/28/17 Prof. Jason Davis
INSEAD Singapore
The Group Dynamics Of Interorganizational Relationships: Collaborating with Multiple Partners in Innovation Ecosystems ACC 303 Prof. Justin Miller MOR/Greif

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