Learning with VBP

The Virtual Business Professional (VBP) is a project for students and instructors around the world who want to engage in a global virtual team experience with students and instructors from other universities and other countries. The primary purpose of the VBP is to help students develop virtual and cross-cultural collaboration skills using state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

As a student, you will be able to add valuable skills to your resume. You will learn how to communicate effectively in virtual work environments, use social and AI-driven collaboration tools, navigate cross-cultural team processes, and hone your leadership skills!

Learning Objectives

This project emphasizes the development of critical-thinking, communication, and virtual and cross-cultural team-building skills among students with the following specific goals:

  1. Learn how to collaborate in global virtual teams;
  2. Introduce students to a virtual collaboration platform;
  3. Allow students to reflect on and assess their effectiveness in the virtual collaboration;
  4. Teach students leadership skills in virtual and cross-cultural collaboration projects;
  5. Provide students an opportunity to examine, analyze, and assess real company challenges and identify recommendations.

Comments from VBP Participants, Professors, and Company Leaders

"The VBP project was a truly valuable experience (...) I am grateful for the opportunity and challenge of working in a virtual, global team during my college career." USC Student

"It was fun. I had an opportunity to talk with other students from different universities and countries, and I liked it. You can learn how other students from elsewhere works on projects, what are their methods and approach to it." Vilnius University Student

“Participating in VBP 2020 was an inspiring experience. The teams that worked on a market entry strategy for AUDI’s UTR looked at the project from many different perspectives and generated many new insights for us. Their results are very helpful and are being used for the development of our market entry strategies. I’d be happy to bring another project to VBP in the future.” Audi Project Owner

"At the start students thought that it will be extremely difficult, but later they recognized that virtual cooperation is real thing and the virus cannot destroy this channel." Vilnius University Professor

"I felt the accomplishment of working with people from all over the world. I have never done anything like this before. This was a fantastic opportunity." - Kennesaw State University Student

"Compassion, empathy, being considerate of others' situation, etc, are what I have heard from my students. I think these are what students learned this time more so than the last time in VBP." - University of Dayton Professor

"This assignment has allowed me to become more confident in [working virtually]. The world is shifting to a virtual basis…and I am immensely ready to take on the new changes because of VBP." - Oklahoma State University Student