About Us

The Virtual Business Professional (VBP) project was started by a small group of business communication faculty at the Marshall School of Business at USC in 2013. We wanted our students to develop skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced global business environment that is increasingly relying on social platforms and virtual collaboration for their internal and external communication.

In Fall 2015, a partnership was formed between three universities, the University of Southern California, Aalto University in Finland, and the University of Arizona for participation in the global VBP project.

Since then the project grew with more schools and countries participating every year:

  • Fall 2016 participants: 204 students and 51 teams from 6 universities and 4 countries
  • Spring 2017 participants: 415 students and 71 teams from 9 universities and 7 countries
  • Spring 2018 participants: 578 students and 96 teams from 14 universities and 7 countries
  • Spring 2019 participants: 653 students and 116 teams from 14 universities and 9 countries
VBP faculty in a meeting

The VBP project is now open to all instructors who see the value in teaching virtual communication, social collaboration, virtual leadership, and cross-cultural communication skills.

VBP Project Partners are...


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