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  • A two-year residential program for business leaders seeking to sharpen essential hard and soft skills, expand their professional network, and transform their career.

Undergraduate @ USC Marshall

USC Marshall School of Business is one of the world’s leading global undergraduate business programs. Our degrees allow students to combine in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of business with a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

  • All Marshall undergraduate degrees are STEM designated. Our programs are rigorous, quantitative, and technology focused.

Doing Business in the Heart of Los Angeles

Ignite your career opportunities with Marshall’s prestigious four-year undergraduate business program. Enjoy the many cultural and lifestyle advantages of living in beautiful, sunny L.A.



Marshall's Full-Time MBA program ranked #15 and the MBA.PM program ranked #8

The 15th place rank is a historic high. Marshall is proud to offer students a world-class education that is recognized as a top choice for the next generation of business leaders.