Seminars and Events

2021-2022 Management and Organization Seminar Series

Seminars are typically on Fridays from 11:00AM to 12:30PM unless otherwise specified. 

SPRING 2022 Distinguished Speakers
Date Speaker Presentation Title Room Host

Prof. Sunkee Lee

Carnegie Mellon University

Giving Up Learning from Failures? An Examination of Learning from One's Own Failures in the Context of Heart Surgeons JFF 331 Prof. Eklund

Prof. Daniel Keum

Columbia Business School

License to Layoff? Unemployment Insurance and the Moral Cost of Layoffs JFF 331 Prof. Fehder

Prof. Arvind Karunakaran 

McGill University

Truce Structures: Mechanisms for Addressing Protracted Jurisdictional Conflicts between Professions Zoom Prof. Eklund



Prof. Chris Eaglin

Harvard Business School

The Need for Speed: The Impact of Capital Constraints on Strategic Misconduct JFF 331 Prof. Hiatt

Prof. Angelica Leigh

Duke University

Am I Next? The Influence of Mega-Threats on Individuals at Work JFF 331 Prof. Anicich

Wed., 3/9/22

Prof. Brian Silverman

Rotman Univ. of Toronto

Internal Network Structure as a Knowledge Protection Mechanism JKP 102 Prof. Eklund

Prof. Keith Leavitt

Oregon State 

The Human Side of Work in an Increasingly Automated World JFF 331 Prof. Wiltermuth


9:30am - 11:00am

Prof. Joyce C. He


Identities Between the Lines: Re-aligning Gender and Professional Identities by Altering Job Advertisement Language JFF 236 Prof. Wakslak

Brian Wu

University of Michigan

Learning from a Black Box JFF 331 Prof. Fehder

Prof. Christopher Barnes


Using Wearable Technology to Improve Sleep Quality and Work Outcomes JFF 331 Prof. Anicich


9:00am - 10:30am

Prof. Pierre Azoulay

MIT Sloan

Who Stands on the Shoulders of Chinese (Scientific) Giants? Evidence from Chemistry JFF 331 Prof. Fehder
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FALL 2021 Distinguished Speakers
ate Speaker Presentation Title room Host


Prof. Drew Jacoby-Senghor

UC Berkeley

Majority Members Misperceive Even 'Win-Win' Diversity Policies as Unbeneficial to Them Zoom Prof. Eric Anicich


Prof. Jonathan Hersh

Chapman University

Will AI Accelerate the Digital Divide? Evidence From a Field Experiment on How Managers Use AI JFF 240 Prof. Dan Fehder

Prof. Julien Clement

Stanford University

The Intra-Organizational Antecedents to Inter-Organizational Imitation: Micro-level Evidence in Esports JFF 240 Prof. John Eklund

Prof. Daniel Rock

Wharton University

Learning the Latent Structure of the Labor Market JFF 240 Prof. Fehder

Prof. John Joseph

UC Irvine

A Test of the Information Processing-Delegation Hypothesis: EHR Implementation and Task Allocation Within Hospital Care Units, A Natural Experiment JFF 240 Prof. John Eklund

Prof. Brian Lucas

Cornell University

The Creative Cliff Illusion JFF 240 Prof. Scott Wiltermuth
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