Seminars and Events

2018-2019 Management and Organization Seminar Series

Seminars are typically on Fridays from 11:00AM to 12:30PM unless otherwise specified. 

FALL 2018 Distinguished Speakers
Date Speaker Presentation Title Room Host

Prof. Herman Aguinis

George Washington School of Business

Star Performers: Insights from Human Resources and Talent Management Research ACC 205 Prof. Tost, OB

Arthur Jago

USC Marshall School of Business

Technology and (In) Discrimination ACC 205 Prof. Fast, OB

Prof. Daniel Elfenbein

Olin Business School

The Impact of Socioeconomic and Cultural Differences on Online Trade ACC 205 Prof. Raffiee Strategy

Thurs., 10/18/18


Prof. Saras Sarasvathy

Darden School of Business

Effectuation: Past, Present, and Future with An Emphasis on the Present JFF 328 Prof. Harmeling

Tues., 10/30/18


Kate Odziemkowska

Wharton University of Penn.

Frenemies: Partner Selection in Firm-Activist Collaborations ACC 310 Prof. Mayer Strategy

Marco Testoni


The Spatial Scope of Competition in the Market for Corporate Control: Evidence from Transportation Networks Data ACC 205 Prof. Raffiee Strategy

Mon., 11/5/18


Michael Y. Lee

Harvard Business School

Empowering Bureaucracy: Achieving Non-Hierarchical Control and Employee Autonomy Through Dynamic Formalized Roles ACC 303 Prof. Tost, OB

Julianna Pillemer

Wharton University of Penn.

Bounded Authenticity: The Paradox of Being Genuine in Professional Interactions ACC 205 Prof. Fast, OB

Mon., 11/12/18


Lindsey Cameron

Ross School, Michigan Univ.

Making Out While Driving: Control, Coordination and its Consequences for Algorithmic Labor ACC 205 Prof. Fast, OB

Britta Glennon

Carnegie Mellon University

How Do Restrictions on High-Skilled Immigration Affect Offshoring? Evidence from the H-1B Program ACC 205 Prof. Jia Strategy

Mon., 11/26/18


Alexandra Feldberg

Harvard Business School

Butchers, Bakers, and Barcharts: How Digitized Information Affects Gender Differences in Performance ACC 303 Prof. Tost, OB

Tues., 11/27/18


Prof. Lauren Rivera

Kellogg School of Management

Scaling Down Inequality: Rating Scales, Gender Bias, and the Architecture of Evaluation  HOH 114 Prof. Townsend, OB

Kevin A. Hoff

University of Illinois

Find Your Passion or Develop It? A Meta-Analysis and Longitudinal Studies Examining Changes in Vocational Interests and Personality ACC 205 Prof. Tost, OB

Mon., 12/3/18


John Eklund

Wharton University of Penn.

The Knowledge-Incentive Trade-Off: Understanding the Relationship Between Organization Design and Innovation ACC 236 Prof. Mayer Strategy
Tues., 12/4/18

Hyo Kang


How Does Competition Affect Innovation? Evidence from U.S. Antitrust Cases



Prof. Raffiee Strategy

Serena Does


Where There's Smoke... There's A Culture Problem: Public Perceptions of Gender Inequality Following a Sexual Harassment Allegation ACC 205

Prof. Wiltermuth, OB

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SPRING 2019 Distinguished Speakers
Date Speaker Presentation Title Room Host

Prof. Ajay Agrawal

Rotman School of Management

Artificial Intelligence and Innovation: Machine Learning as Complement and Substitute for R&D Labor in Different Tasks                                                                             ACC 205 Prof. Fehder, Strategy
1/11/19  Prof. Ajay Agrawal 3:30pm - 4:30pm Book: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence JKP 102 Prof. Fehder, Strategy
Wed., 1/23/19 11am-12:20pm

Jennifer Logg, Ph.D. Post-Doc Harvard University

Algorithm Appreciation: People Prefer Algorithmic To Human Judgment ACC 312 Prof. Fast, OB

Prof. Alfonso


Bocconi University

Why Do "Scientific" Entrepreneurs (Successfully) Take More Time to Act? Evidence from  a Field Experiment ACC 205 Prof. Fehder, Strategy
Tues., 1/29/19 9:30am-11am

Prof. Damon Phillips

Columbia Business School 

Do Professional Single Women Face Glass Ceilings? Evidence of Dual Incongruity Penalties for Leadership Promotions in Early Careers. JKP 104 Prof. Yue, Strategy

Prof. Kathleen McGinn

Harvard Business School

Negotiating a Better Future: Negotiation Skills and Inter-generational Investment ACC 205 Prof. Townsend, OB
Thurs., 2/7/19

Prof. Wesley Sine

Johnson Graduate

School of Management

Halo Effect as a Double-Edge Sword: Status, Status Decline, and University Technology Licensing in China ACC 205 Prof. Raffiee, Strategy

Prof. Joseph Mahoney

Gies College of Business

Slavery by Another Name: Quality Shading in the Convict Lease System of the U.S. South, 1866-1933 ACC 205 Prof. Raffiee, Strategy
Tues., 2/12/19 9:30am-11am

Prof. Katherine Phillips 

Columbia Business School

Understanding and Capturing the Value of Diversity: A Special Look at Gender JKP 104 Prof. Wiltermuth, OB
2/15/19 10:30am-11:30am

Prof. Michael Leiblein

Ohio State University

Learning Curve Revisited: Strategic Implications for Early Movers Under Uncertainty and Optionality JFF 331 Prof. Miller, Greif

Prof. Ezra Zuckerman

MIT Sloan

Death of a Salesman but not the Sales Force: Reputational Entrepreneurship and the Efficiency of Scientific Valuation  ACC 205 Prof. Fehder, Strategy
3/22/19 10:30am-12:00pm

Prof. Howard Aldrich

University of North Carolina

Emerging Directions in Entrepreneurship Research JFF 331 Prof. Miller, Greif

Prof. Stuart Bunderson

Olin Business School

Dynamic Coordination in an Inter-Organizational Team of Teams: From System Integration to Integrated Pluralism ACC 205 Prof. Anicich, OB

Prof. Gabrielle Adams

University of Virginia

Subtraction Neglect ACC 205 Prof. Fast, OB

Prof. Katherine Milkman

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Creating Habits: The Tradeoff between Flexibility and Routinization ACC 236

Prof. Wiltermuth, OB


Prof. Steve Blader

NYU Stern

Your Status Becomes You (and why that matters) ACC 205 Prof. Anicich, OB
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