Seminars and Events

2020-2021 Management and Organization Seminar Series

Seminars are typically on Fridays from 11:00AM to 12:30PM unless otherwise specified. 

FALL 2020 Distinguished Speakers
Date Speaker Presentation Title room Host


Prof. Tristan Botelho

Yale University

The Perception and Evaluation of Founder Experience by Hiring Firms: A Field Experiment Zoom Prof. Joe Raffiee


Prof. Eugene Caruso 


Doing Well by Doing Bad: How Attempts to Appear Ethical Can Lead People Astray Zoom Prof. Eric Anicich

Prof. David Hsu


Remote Work and COVID-19: Is Region Still An Advantage for Entrepreneurial Ventures? Zoom Prof. Joe Raffiee

Prof. PK Toh

Univ. of Texas at Austin

Generative or Exclusionary? How Ecosystems Evolve with Coordination and Standardization Zoom Prof. Joe Raffiee


Prof. Sarah Thebaud

UC Santa Barbara

When do Work-Family Policies Work for Men and Women? Unpacking the Effects of Stigma and Financial Costs Zoom Prof. Eric Anicich
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SPRING 2021 Distinguished Speakers
Date Speaker Presentation Title Room Host

Prof. Shane Greenstein

Harvard Business School

Where the Clouds Rests: The Economic Geography of Data Centers Zoom Prof. Fehder
2/5/21 MOR/Greif

Prof. Tiona Zuzul

University of Washington

Strategic Framing in the Wake of a Crisis: Outcome and Process Frames at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Zoom Prof. Rindova

Prof. Jillian Jordan

Harvard Business School

Virtuous Victims Zoom Prof. Wiltermuth

Prof. Michele Gelfand

University of Maryland

The Secret Life of Social Norms: From Nations to Neurons Zoom Prof. Carnevale


Prof. Samina Karim

Northeastern University

Acqui-hires: Redeployment and Retention of Human Capital Post-Acquisition Zoom Prof. Raffiee
4/9/21 MOR/Greif

Prof. Emily Cox Pahnke

University of Washington 

Deference and Asymmetric Alliance Formation Between Ventures Zoom Prof. Rindova

Prof. Cydney Dupree

Yale University

Crossing Status Divides: Stereotypes, Strategies, and Solutions Zoom Prof. Townsend
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