Course Sequence

The Fundamentals

1. Complete ONE Intro Class*

General (same course, two codes)
BAEP 451
The Management of New Ventures
BAEP 450
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

BUAD 301
Technology Entrepreneurship
BAEP 423
Management of Small Businesses

2. Complete an Advanced Class

BAEP 452
Feasibility Analysis
(for students with venture concepts)
BAEP 453
Venture Management
(for students without venture concepts)

3. Launch A Venture

BAEP 454
Venture Initiation (Spring)

* Students can take only 1 intro course and have it counted toward degree completion requirements. If completing a minor, students must check to ensure enrollment in the correct introductory course.

Additional Entrepreneurship Courses

BAEP 455
Founder’s Dilemmas (4 units)
Spring only Early founding pitfalls and solutions
BAEP 460
Seminar in Entrepreneurship (2 units)
Fall + Spring Various topics, led by expert entrepreneurs, repeatable up to 4 units
BAEP 465
Digital Playbook for Entrepreneurs (2 units)
Fall + Spring Digital tools (e.g., social media, cloud computing) for tech start-ups
BAEP 469
Growth Hacking: Scaling Startups (2 units)
Spring only Tools & analytics to accelerate startup growth
BAEP 470
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Taking the Leap (2 units)
Spring only A moderated speaker series, entrepreneurial leaders as guests
BAEP 471
Social Innovation Design Lab (4 units)
Spring only Deep-dive design thinking, 20 students, by application
BAEP 472
The Science of Peak Performance (2 units)
Spring only Interdisciplinary science of human optimization
BAEP 475
Entertainment Entrepreneurship (2 units)
Fall + Spring Trends & opportunities in the entertainment industry
BAEP 480
Entrepreneurial Family Business (4 units)
Fall + Spring The dynamics of privately held and family businesses
BAEP 491
Intro to Social Entrepreneurship (4 units)
Spring only Focus on mission-driven, self-sustaining enterprises
BAEP 499
Special Topics (2-4 units)
Fall + Spring New courses on important topics (e.g., IP, managing growth)

Download the PDF: The Entrepreneur Program for Undergraduates