Student/Alumni Success Stories

Kaitlin Mogentale, founder of Pulp Pantry


As a Greif student, you enjoy access to a world-class faculty who offer in-depth experience and eladership across industries and businesses, and who often become mentors and advocates to accelerate your ideas. Our program is guided by our 50+ member Advisory Council, a Who's Who in business, entrepreneurship, tech and entertainment. 

Below are a few Greif students and alumni who've made it happen. 

Drew Park, MD, cofounder of Q-Cigarettes
Drew Park, MD

Q-Cigarettes, Inc. was founded by Drew Park, MD, MPH; William Tsai, MPH; and Owen Parker, MPH. They all felt drawn to the opportunity to effect major change in medicine and public health through a low-cost, highly accessible intervention for quitting smokers. That intervention, the Q-Cigarettes Program, offers new and established forms of peer-support/counseling and nicotine replacement therapy conveniently from a single mobile app. Through equity financing and pitch competition victories, the program was built out and deployed to healthcare settings and the general public. The company was also involved in a number of public health initiatives including initiating an ongoing push to make USC a smoke-free campus. Park credits Marshall Greif Incubator and the mentorship of Director Paul Orlando as a tremendous asset in terms of strategy, networking and infrastructure. In the spring of 2016, UCLA acquired the Q-Cigarettes app and other program components where they will continue be a resource to those fighting their nicotine addiction. 


Sarah Weingust and Meir Razzon, founders of HostelPass
Meir Razzon & Sarah Weingust

HostelPass is a pre-paid pass for accommodation at the best hostels in Europe. Founded in 2016 by Sarah Weingust (USC's 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year) and Meir Razzon (USC's 2016 Pound the Pavement Award winner), HostelPass has won numerous awards, including first place in both 1000 Pitches and Professor Patrick Henry's BAEP 451 Pitch competition, and in the top two out of 213 teams in USC’s competitive New Venture Seed Competition. Currently part of the USC Marshall Incubator, Weingust and Razzon are gearing up for an official launch in the spring of 2017.



Walid Abdul-Wahab
Walid Abdul-Wahab

Camel’s milk is gaining traction in America among health-conscious consumers looking for dairy alternatives. The Wall Street Journal even declared camel’s milk the new “it” drink. Walid Abdul-Wahab launched Desert Farms, Inc. in 2013 as part of an entrepreneurship class project and went on to win the Marcia Israel Award that year. That summer, he participated in the Marshall Greif Incubator and credits the mentoring he received there with helping to get Desert Farms Camel Milk onto the shelves of more than 150 stores nationwide and $1 million in sales during its first year.




Kaitlin Mogentale, founder of Pulp Pantry
Kaitlin Mogentale

Pulp Pantry creates healthy snacks with a unique twist: all products are made from organic fruit, vegetable and nut pulp, fiber-rich resources that are normally wasted as a byproduct of commercial juiceries. Pulp Pantry’s food is made with organic ingredients and local ingredients purchased direct from farmers, all supporting its mission as a forward-thinking healthy and sustainable food brand. Pulp Pantry’s been featured in LA Weekly, on Amazon Launchpad, and can be found in select natural and health food stores this coming year! Kaitlin Mogentale, founder of Pulp Pantry, credits the USC Marshall Incubator with helping her clarify her company’s value propositions and find potential partners.