Technology Commercialization Minor

Conceptualization, development and management of technology-based ventures


This interdiscipinarly minor includes courses from both the business and engineering schools and provides education in the economic, technological, and entrepreneurial aspects of commercializing new technologies. The minor is designed for students from a range of backgrounds (e.g., majors in engineering, life sciences, or business) who are interested in starting their own technology-based ventures, working for technology-based start-up companies or pursuing corporate careers that may involve the commercialization of new technologies. In the minor, students learn about conceptualizing, developing, and managing new technology-based ventures and projects. 

To enroll, students must have completed a minimum of 32 units of college-level course work and have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75. To complete the minor, students are required to complete the two required courses (7 units) and enough elective courses to achieve a total of 16 units outside of their major. Business majors thus require 23 total units to complete the minor. Other majors require 16 total units.


  • BUAD 301 Technology Entrepreneurship (3 units)*
  • BAEP 452 Feasibility Analysis (4 units)

*BUAD 301 is a prerequisite to BAEP 452 and must be taken first. 


  • ACCT 410x Foundations of Accounting (4 units)
  • BAEP 454 Venture Initiation: Launching and Scaling Your Startup (4 units)
  • BAEP 460 Seminar in Entrepreneurship (2 units)
  • BAEP 470 The Entrepreneurial Mindset - Taking the Leap (2 units)
  • BME 416 Development and Regulation of Medical Products (3 units)
  • BUAD 307 Marketing Fundamentals (4 units) or
  • MKT 385x Marketing of Creative Disruption and Innovation (4 units)
  • CE 473 Engineering Law, Finance and Ethics (3 units) or
  • ENGR 509 Patent Law for Scientists and Engineers (3 units)
  • ENGR 493x Dean's Seminar in Entrepreneurship (2 units)
  • ISE 344 Engineering Team Management (3 units)
  • ISE 440 Work, Technology, and Organization (3 units)
  • ISE 460 Engineering Economy (3 units)
  • ITP 310 Design for User Experience (3 units)
  • ITP 466 Building the High Tech Startup (4 units)
  • ITP 476 Technologies for Interactive Marketing (4 units)
  • MKT 445 New Product Development and Branding (4 units)