Space Entrepreneurship Conference


An Out of this World Conference

Spaceship OneVibrant entrepreneurial research requires that researchers have access to innovative startups. There is no more innovative and disruptive entrepreneurial community than Southern California’s New Space firms. USC’s Southern California Commercial Spaceflight Initiative hosts an annual Space Entrepreneurship conference bringing together management scholars, Commercial Spaceflight executives as well as the policy makers and regulators who help to define the environment that these firms compete in. The 2018 inaugural conference is coordinated with the National Space Society’s Space Settlement Summit, which will be hosted at USC.  

Portions of the Space Entrepreneurship conference are open to undergrad and graduate students interested in learning more about careers in commercial space or seeking mentorship for their space related startups. SCCSI sponsor organizations will have the opportunity share their firm’s internship and employment opportunities with talent students from Marshall and across campus. We always make a special effortBransonto engage students from demographics and backgrounds that are underrepresented in aerospace industry. SCCSI will partner with the Brooke Owens Fellowship to inspire and connect more young women with opportunities in the world of commercial space.