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Greif Center Case Collection launched and available to educators worldwide

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Introducing the USC Marshall/Greif Center Entrepreneurship Case Collection

From the Spruce Goose to space capsules, from silent films to social media, Los Angeles—and Southern California as a whole—has been the launching point for innovations that have redefined industries and changed the world. The region has been an entrepreneurial hub and technological powerhouse, producing novel products and revolutionary business models that have transformed media/entertainment, aerospace, biotech, communications, video games, tourism and other sectors. The entrepreneurial economy is alive and well in Southern California, with the “Startup Genome” report tabbing the region as the number three startup ecosystem in the world.

The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC Marshall is proud to announce its new case collection—teaching cases primarily focused on the industries, firms and game-changing innovations emerging from Los Angeles and the extended Southern California region. Industries in which Southern California is a leading global player: media, entertainment, consumer internet, fashion, health care, tourism, aerospace, cleantech and other sectors. Many of these entrepreneurs and innovators will change Southern California. Some will change the world. And they all must face the marketplace challenges, technological changes and managerial dilemmas confronting forward-thinking business leaders all over the globe. 


Greif Center Entrepreneurship Case Collection 2018

USC Marshall/Greif Center Entrepreneurship Case Collection available through the Harvard Business Publishing for Educators and The Case Centre